What I like/dislike about myself right now


  1. I’m healthy
  2. I’ve cleaned out my closets literally and figuratively
  3. Knowing who my real friends are
  4. I say what I mean and mean what I say
  5. I truly let go and let God
  6. I walk by faith
  7. Having healthy relationships (intimate/platonic)
  8. I’m closing chapters/doors
  9. Making preparations for my new year
  10. Having a healthy/positive outlook


  1. Though not looking it, but being 10lbs over my weight preference
  2. People thinking my kindness is a weakness
  3. Not spending enough time with certain friends/family
  4. Living paycheck to paycheck
  5. Not writing daily
  6. Not traveling like I used to
  7. Not maintaining a balanced diet
  8. Not always using my time at home wisely
  9. Having acted passive-aggressively
  10. Not speaking up sooner

That is all!


8 thoughts on “Likes/Dislikes…

  1. It’s alright sis, You know you are on the right path, and some things take a little longer to resolve or even evolve. Stay focused, and in prayer and all the things you wish, we wish and pray for will manifest in it’s right time. I hear you sis, and feel you!

    • Thanks BC! I’m owning my shit and while self-assessment can point out the things that need correction, I have to be and keep it real even when it hurts a little. Like, Miz, your support/encouragement means a lot.

  2. One things for certain, we should all have opinions about ourselves. We should all know what’s good and where there are opportunities for improvement.

    • We are like spirited Don. #10 isn’t easy when we’re surrounded by so much negativity, but in spite of it, we must prevail

      #2 on dislikes runs rampant, but often backfires on the one who tries to take advantage of said kindness

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