While having dinner with a dear friend yesterday, we spoke about being accountable for ourselves regardless of the situation or circumstance.  We spoke about how people often defer, find fault in others; place blame on others when they find themselves in the hot seat from something they’ve done.  I spoke about how a few people have stopped speaking to me and I have no idea why and was carrying around that conflict for some time.  I have; however, since let it all go.  I am woman enough to own anything I may have said or done and will seek forgiveness or atone for my alleged wrongdoing, but when put in situations where I’m left clueless, I can not and will not put someone else’s baggage in my luggage…Nuff said.  We continued to speak on the subject and I said that I’m fortunate to have friends in my life who keep it real and have no problem calling me on my shit if or when necessary.  It’s a shared mindset and serves us all well in our relationship.

So, today, I sit down to read my In Touch devotional and here is what is said…

A Partner for Accountability

An accountability partner is able to perceive what we can’t see when blind spots and weaknesses block our vision. Such a person serves as a tool in God’s hand to promote spiritual growth, and he or she watches out for our best interest. When choosing this type of confidant, look for these characteristics:
1. Godly. A person who walks in the Spirit will offer genuine wisdom based on biblical principles rather than personal opinion.
2. Trustworthy. No matter what you share with this individual, you must be certain that he or she will keep everything in the strictest confidence.
3. Accepting. He or she must allow you to be yourself–frailties and all–and not try to remake you into someone “perfect.”
4. Courageous. A good accountability partner will lovingly confront you with the truth, even when it hurts (Eph. 4:15).
5. Forgiving. When you make mistakes, trust is built through mutual forgiveness.
6. Edifying. Don’t choose someone with an overly critical attitude that will make you feel worthless. Love edifies and builds up (Eph. 4:29). It never destroys.
7. Encouraging. You don’t want someone with a checklist, who judges or acts like a prophet. Instead, choose someone who takes great joy in encouraging you.
We all can benefit from someone who is able to say what we need to hear without making us feel threatened. Answerability provides checks and balances that promote spiritual growth and protect us from pitfalls. If you don’t already have an accountability partner, pray for that person today.
I felt so good reading this as I know it’s confirmation of my being in the right place, with the right people, at the time in my life.  God’s word is always on point and certainly right on time.
That is all!

Guest Post…

Good morning boys and girls.  Thank you all again for all the birthday greetings I received.  I truly appreciate them and feel the more encouraged and inspired by your continued support.

Speaking of support, I ask you to check out Not Just For White Girls Part 1, which I wrote after I was contacted by Jay at up4discussion to guest post on her blog.

I was shocked, flattered, and very humbled to be asked to contribute and welcomed the opportunity as a vehicle to help others deal with their issues and find ways to heal and grow.


That is all!

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEE!!….

Today is my 45th birthday and I receive this day wholly and fully.  I enter into this new year; this new stage in my life with a clear and open mind and heart.  I give God thanks for seeing me through so much in the past five years and I know He’s got some amazing blessings, victories, and experiences ahead for me.  I closed out year 44 with prayer and knowing that I’ve healed, grown, and atoned for the years prior. 

I stand on a firmer foundation and have expressed my fullest and sincerest appreciation to those who’ve helped me get to year 45th.  In spite of the trials, I’ve had triumphs and I feel especially proud that while it all may not be what I’d like it to be, at least I’m still here by God’s grace to continue on.

Thanks to each of you who’ve known me over the years and have come back to be a part of my life again.  And to those with whom I’ve recently made acquaintances with, I thank you also for taking an interest in what I have to say whether we agree or not. 

I’ll be away for the weekend celebrating and will return on Monday refreshed and renewed.


That is all!