Friday Fail / Funnies…

There was nothing I really want to talk about. In fact, I feel rather talked out. I’d rather just be and do, but I have a few things that may bring some humor into your Friday and give you some giggles for the long weekend.

Have a great and say Labour Day weekend everyone.

Stole this from Reggie

If only we could fill this Rx


Bona fide fact

Too sexy for his pants…The AKA’s might like it though since he’s sporting their colours

This’ll make women NEVER want to shop at Victoria’s Secret Pink section EVER again

That is all!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fail / Funnies…

    • Jealous women should be employed by the FBI. I bet ish would be found and resolved real quick…lol

      Don, I, (said with heavy emphasis) don’t even own a pink sweatsuit and he’s now scared me to NEVER get get one.

  1. Go ahead and steal my shiznit; afterall, I’ve usually jacked it from someone else anyway. I always have just as much fun finding those pictures as I do writing the post.

    • Pictures have a way of complimenting, enhancing and/or punctuating what’s been written and you do an excellent job of combining the two. Thanks for having ‘stealable’ pix…hehe 😉

    • Truly! The only drawback is sometimes in how she gathered the information as it could self-incrimate, but rest assured; said woman will STILL find a way to use it without ever telling on herself… lol 😉

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