Eat More Chicken…

I’m not a fan of fast food; however, from my first exposure to Chik Fil A back in 1986, I’ve been a fan. I enjoyed the well cooked chicken, those big fluffy waffle fries, and the lemonade that I now mix with the unsweetened tea; creating my Arnold Palmer. I can’t say that I eat it often, but I will say, I’m still a fan.

Over the years, I wondered why Chik Fil A closed on Sundays when all other fast food chains did not, so I finally mustered the presence of mind to inquire. When I found out the reason, I was the more impressed and thought that other establishments should consider the same opportunity for their employees of whatever religion they practiced.

Fast forward to current day events, I still enjoy Chik Fil A in spite of the founders stand on Gay Marriage. I feel Dan Cathy has a right to his opinion and viewpoint and unless he’s banning gays from employment or frequenting his establishments, I don’t feel the need to boycott Chik Fil A. While I consider myself a Christian, I find myself rather liberal and have no issue with gay marriage. In fact, I not only attended one, but was a part of the ceremony. This couple has been together for 12 years now, have remained their vows and fidelity, and while they have their problems like anyone else, they’re completely committed to each other. I, however; my own marriage didn’t last more than 3 years and I know many other hetrosexual couples who lack the Biblical definition of marriage. Heck, most of us lack the Biblical concepts of life in general, so for us to now take a stand against Mr. Cathy is truly hypocritical. And even more hypocritical are those who up until they heard Mr. Cathy was opposed to gay marriage, were probably eating Chik Fil A. In truth, most of us aren’t aware of what many CEOs personal opinions are and we don’t take the time to care of inquire. Those very CEOs could be bigots, abusers, or any other thing that we could easily find fault with, so again, are we going to protest anything and everything we call ourselves taking offense to? I highly doubt it.

We have priests violating boys in church and under the religious guise. We have many black and white churches where the pastors are falling short of their roles – Pimps in the Pulpit, infidelity running rampant in the congregation, and a plethora of many other acts that go against Christian doctrine, but folk are worried about gay men and women being married…Really? Okay, I understand the word “marriage” might be a part of the argument, but even calling it a “civil union” still has the same implication in my book as it’s all a matter of semantics. Personally, I feel that gay men and women who buy homes, adopt and raise children together, take care of each other, and whatever else that comes with a relationship should be afforded the same rights and privileges as heterosexuals. Families come in many dynamics and ones sexual orientation shouldn’t be a preclusion to it.

To bottom line to me is this…Mr. Cathy like all of us is entitled to his opinion. He may not support the Biblical reference to marriage, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy. He gives back to his community, takes care of his employees, and for the most part runs one of the BEST  fast food chains across the country; hell, in my opinion it is the best because between the customer service and quality food, I’ve yet to find fault with Chik Fil A.  

Whatever your stand on this issue is none of my business, but I thought I’d drop my two cents in the bucket.

That is all!


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  1. Hey we’re all entitled to our opinions right?!?

    There is a chain of barbecue restaurants in South Carolina whose owner has been vocal in the past about his support for the Klan/The Confederate Battle Flag/The institution of slavery……take your pick. His restaurants are all over Columbia where my daughter attends The University of South Carolina. Anytime I go see her, I will pass at least one of these restaurants and a few of his signs advertising this barbecue. A few years back he was challenged to take all the Confederate crap out of his restaurants and he made a big to do about his support for that shit. So I chose not to spend my dollar there. I don’t deny his right to do business, I just won’t spend my hard earned scratch there.

    As consumers we have a right to spend our dollars wherever we want. I wouldn’t deny anyone’s right to do business. It’s America and we’re all entitled to our own opinions. Of course, those opinions that are shouted from the hills might cost us a few dollars. That’s what I see this as.

    However, I will spend my dollar anyway that I see fit. So today I saw fit to spend it at Chick Fil A, they’ve got a helluva chicken sandwich and I absolutely love them. Their biscuits are pretty tasty too.

    I’m gonna keep eating there despite the fact that I don’t agree with the opinions of their owner. Im gonna draw the line of my considered indignation at the chicken at Chick Fil A. No, I don’t agree with the owner. I’m willing to bet though that if more CEOs/COOs and owners voiced their opinions about politics and lifestyle issues, I probably wouldn’t agree with them either.

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got ’em and everyone swears that everyone else’s stinks but theirs.

  2. Good read. Damn good read.

    Chick Fil A does have the best chicken sandwiches…

    I’m indifferent to the incident and, as you stated, respect the opinions of both Dan Cathy and millions and millions of “Christians” and atheists (basically) who’ve taken it upon themselves to engage in theater with one another. I must say – it all reminds me of a shouting match among children and whomever yells the loudest believes it has won. Smh. Lol. Might I add that I never knew it to be possible that people could get so riled up about something that is much ado about nothing.

    I believe Paul McCartney said it best: “There will be an answer. Let it be.”

    On another note: I wonder these social activists’ thoughts on Chavis Carter’s murder at the hands of a group of Jonesboro, Arkansas police.

  3. Another fine comment. Both you and Reggie have brought even more to the table on this topic. And to answer your question, of course not! How anyone could even come up with such an inplausible story is beyond comprehension, but he was just another n*gga, so who cares right?! SMH!

    If people gave their attention to things that REALLY mattered we’d be much better off.

      • Remember Don, we’re not bright people so we’re to believe whatever is fed to us and remember, if it was on the internet, then it has to be “true” 😉

    • Well said…I love this post. I actually ate at Chick-fil-a on appreciation day. It wasn’t intentional, I was wanted some nuggets while I was at the mall.The line was long but, my crazy butt thought they had a give away of some sort. Then, a woman saw me eating it and said “yay! you support traditional marriage”…0_0…I was like how did she get all of that out of me eating nuggets? LOL
      When I got home and hit the internet I found out what it was all about!

      • LOL! People are too much and make unnecessary and unqualified assumptions. I support committed relationships in any form. Traditional marriage is NOT tantamount to the sanctity of marriage. As I said in my post, many do not uphold the vows of marriage, so to qualify marriage by sexuality is just foolish.

  4. I too believe in free speech. And I believe that the founder of Chik-Fil-A has a right to be for or against whatever he wants. But, when he actively tries to deny rights to individual Americans who are lesbian or gay, then I won’t support his business as I don’t want my money funneled into the organizations that seek to deny rights.

    It seems that for the most part individual minority groups don’t stand up for each other. As long as it’s not ‘my’ group that is being discriminated against then ‘what’s the big deal’ seems to be the attitude. And I guess that’s why we all, no matter the minority, always seem to be struggling along alone fighting for our rights.

    And while so many Black people were busy supporting Chik-Fil-A in support of it’s stance on same-gender marriage, they were giving money to a company that also supports issues such as voter ID laws and Republicans who do everything they can to hurt Black Americans.

    But as the saying goes; A enemy of an enemy is a friend, right?

  5. Hey Vee…I’m glad you posted because I was actually hoping you would. I absolutely understand your point of view and in fact appreciate it as you speak from personal experience regarding gay rights/issues.

    I don’t dispute your viewpoint and honestly do understand; however, my point is that he was at least honest with his opinions where so many others weren’t and I realize I may not have conveyed that.

    There are many; black alike, that have issues with gay marriage, abortion, racism, etc who aren’t vocal or honest is their stance and I have a problem with that. I’d rather someone be honest and upfront than to hide behind the veil of saying nothing, supporting the masses to fit in, or jumping on social band wagons.

    From discussion with friends in the LGBT community, it’s the word “marriage” that has so many up in arms. While the opposing voices aren’t happy with same sex relationships, they’re more willing to accept “union” than “marriage”. Personally, it’s all semantics to me because as I said in the post, hetrosexuals aren’t always holding up the sanctity of marriage. Furthermore, the opposing voices have a tendanccy to dissect the Bible for their personal interpretation, which further exacerbates the slanderous use of the Bible for their cause.

    In this point in time, the US could, and in my opinion, be better served to remember the words of the Constitution, which speaks to tolerance, unification, acceptance, and many freedoms that the US is allegedly founded on. It’s 2012 and the only difference between people then and now is that most are simply more open about what they do and with whom than before. Sexual orientation and preference is nothing new and should; again my opinion, be treated with a healthy sprinkling of it isn’t right or wrong; it just is – Love knows no colour or gender.

    Thanks again for your comment!

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    • While you may continue to find my viewpoint offensive and may choose to no longer read my blog, I accept that. I, like you, face racism and discrimination be it directly or indirectly. It comes from within and out of my own race/community and it’s something I can not change as everyone has a right to his/her opinion. Yes, a known enemy is better than an unknown; just as a voiced opinion is better than an unvoiced one, but sadly, I refuse to live in a society that implies what I should or shouldn’t say, eat, how to dress etc. You’re in an additional place on the diversity platform because of your sexuality and you’re right to want to protect and be vocal about it; however, just as you can’t force people to accept it; though you’d like to, and you can’t force people to change their viewpoint.

      I will not discontinue reading your blog; however, I accept that you will discontinue mine.

  7. Val, come on sister-girl. People have their opinions, and we can’t allow their opinion to stop us from moving forward. Now you know I been waiting for you to come back from vacation, and you gon up an quit blogging? And not allow me to comment on your blog? gtfohwtbs!

    Our people have been struggling long before you were born, boo! What about our heroes like James and Zora and other LGBT black people? This aint new Val.

    I have to admit the ridiculousness of making a stand over a gotdamn chicken sandwich, tho. That right there got to make you realize that it’s not that serious. (Everyone’s mindset, not your rights) We black folks are ultra realists – shit! We got to be! Do you really think all your blog friends don’t want you to have rights? quit the bs!! Do you think I value a chicken sammich over your rights, Val? Come on daughter! We are your blog family, and you can’t get rid of us if you tried. Its like real family. Almost.

    So I am apologizing for the lack of sensitivity of all our blog family. You know we love you, Val. Now put your blog back up, boo! I’m gonna chase you until you do.

    • Anna Renee…Thank you for coming over and commenting. I sincerely appreciate where you’re coming from and I can do nothing but concur with you.

      I hope Val does return to blogging and allow us to partake in what she has to say and offer.

  8. I certainly hope that Val reconsiders leaving us. I respect her convictions though on the subject. I also believe that it is only through dialogue that understanding can come about. I for one would have enjoyed reading one of her posts regarding this subject matter.

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