likes/dislikes about men…


  1. Boxer briefs
  2. Sex
  3. Loving a good one
  4. Ruggedness
  5. Tendered aggression
  6. Mental intellect
  7. The challenge
  8. When one can make me feel ‘pink’
  9. A well dressed one
  10. One who isn’t afraid to show his true emotions


  1. One who doesn’t take care of his kids
  2. Sloppy dresser
  3. Inability to communicate
  4. Posers/players
  5. Lack of onus, priority, ambition
  6. So-called game
  7. Deference
  8. Poor grooming/hygiene
  9. Infidelity
  10. Down low brothers

That is all!

6 thoughts on “likes/dislikes about men…

  1. I have never believed the rumors of there being so many down low men in our community, I have always believed these rumors to be a product of a few gay men’s fantasies and the paranoia of a few women. Oh I’m not saying there aren’t some out there, but surely not in the numbers some people would have us believe.

    • I can’t speak for the masses, but through my own exposure to the gay community via friends, I’ve found out some astonishing things and there are MANY DL bros out there. I’ve had a couple straight women find out the hard way too.

  2. Dumb question: What do you mean by make you feel pink? Are you saying make you feel like a virgin all over again?

    On another note, I believe you to be the first blogger who’ve actually mastered the concept of Likes/Dislikes post. Damn good read.

    • “Pink” as in, like a girl. While I’m very feminine in many ways, I’m also no stranger to hard work and manual labour. I’ve been so used to doing things for myself that I found it hard to defer. So, now that I’m in a healthy and reciprocal relationship, having someone not just treat me like I’m a girl because of my gender, but make me FEEL like a girl. That’s huge for me.

      Thanks Don. That’s a rather HUGE compliment and one I honour.

    • “the Challenge” is the mixed bag of emotions you get faced with when entering or being in the relationship. At least it is for me. My fight or flight response comes a bit more easily these days as my tolerance for bullshit/drama doesn’t get the investment it did in my younger days

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