Odd celebrity crushes…

We all have them. You know, that celebrity find oddly attractive that you typically keep to yourselves because your peeps will look at you sideways. Well, I’m publically admitting mine…

Buju Banton

Don Cheadle

Kid Rock

Tommmy Lee Jones

Marc Anthony

Morgan Freeman

I’d like to hear some of yours…

That is all!

17 thoughts on “Odd celebrity crushes…

  1. Hmm. I can’t really think of any celeb attraction of mines that leave others surprised. Oh wait, Katie Couric. Lol.

    • Yay @ Don Cheedle! It’s something in his eyes sis. I feel you with Al, Robert, and Antonio (his voice spends me). Robin I’m 50/50. Richard is all you…lol! Thanks for sharing. At least I know I’m not the only one.

  2. Okay……….

    I must admit that for the past 30 years I’ve had a crush on Vanessa Williams, I’d always thought that she was gorgeous.

    • She’s an expected crush though Reg; she’s a beautiful woman. I need to hear one that most wouldn’t think of. I know you’re secretly harbouring one for say….Aretha Franklin…lol 😉

      • Aretha Franklin?!? Nah I don’t like boobs quite that much. Pound for pound the queen of soul has more titty than I’ve got body mass.

        Now as far as celebrity crushes is concerned if you’re waiting for me to say Whoopi Goldberg don’t hold your breath.

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