Thieves stole what????

I saw this mini article in The Press of Atlantic City and had to post it. I mean, once you read it, you’ll see why. Talk about thieves gone mad…who breaks into a store to steal hair? I guess these bold ass fools did.

I don’t know if I’m more shocked than appalled at what folk are doing these days…Decide for yourselves

That is all!

12 thoughts on “Thieves stole what????

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting…Human hair is expensive and there are many “grades” of it; thus, leading to its expense. Until recently, I never realized it was worth the risk of stealing

  1. The police need to start by looking for baldheaded women………it’s your hair as long as you’ve got the receipt.

  2. Overheard a few relatives cracking jokes over this burglary. $230, 000 wow… Could’ve been done by someone who works at a beauty salon or knows someone who owns their own beauty salon?

    • It sure seems to be. So glad I rock it natural; though if someone were hocking those high end hair products I might be inclined to purchase…LMAO! I’m just kidding.

  3. Indian and Asian women had better watch out, next thing you know people are going to be attacking them and getting hair directly from the source.

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