What I won’t apologize for…

…my faith or beliefs

…insisting that children know their places as children

…correcting the bad habits of children

…having a healthy fear and respect for my elders

…knowing; to this day to not address my elders solely by their first names

…my ability to speak well

…knowing my limits with food, alcohol, and people

…doing my damdest not lie

…having an open mind and heart

…knowing when to put up or shut up

…being a good person

…learning from my mistakes even if the lesson could or should have been avoided

…knowing, accepting, and being humble

…Accepting the things I cannot change

…who and when to let go

…not carrying a grudge

…understanding the power in forgiveness

…knowing my word is my bond

…my morals and integrity

…knowing the difference between wars and battles

…realizing that I won’t please everyone nor should I try

…executing random acts of kindness or going above and beyond

…doing things “just because” and not look for reward/recognition

…good manners and social decorum

…who I am!

That is all!

8 thoughts on “What I won’t apologize for…

  1. you’re so beautiful sis!! & i wouldn’t dream of asking you to apologize for that!! LOL
    LOVE this post. i think i might borrow it for myself. i know you’ll be cool with that; but i figured the least i could do is let you know. HA!

    peace & light…

  2. “Knowing the difference between wars and battle.”

    Forgiveness and humility makes a world of a difference as well.

    Loved the sentiments, Blu.

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