Movie quote…

I love movies and I’m particularly fond of Indie and Low Budget movies because they tend to have captivating characters and story lines that capture ad maintain my attention; mostly without all the predictable plots and outcomes.

A couple of nights ago, I watched, After Sex and was pleasantly intruiged and surprised by the varied relationships it chronicled.  When you have some time, I suggest you find it and watch it; I found it on Netflix.

The following is a quote from the movie that touched me and gave me major room for pause.

Leslie: Love is not negotiable.

Christopher: Oh, baby, everything is negotiable!
Leslie: Love is not negotiable. No, not love. Love is a guessing game. And that’s the beauty of it, there’s no guarantees. It’s like diving into a pool of water without knowing if it’s shallow or deep. Sure, right, if it’s shallow you end up hurt and paralyzed from the neck down. But if it’s deep… it’s a leap of faith. It’s like throwing yourself out there without any guarantees. And that’s what life’s about!

Christopher: Sure.

Leslie: Okay, you know those carnival games? And you know how some of them are really hard to win and some of them are super easy and everyone wins? Well, that’s the difference between love and sex. Sex is the game where everyone wins a little prize, and no one goes home a loser. And love is the game that’s really hard to win. But if you do, and you get to take home that life size stuffed rhinoceros, it feels a whole lot better than taking home a shitty little plastic key chain.

That is all!

likes/dislikes about men…


  1. Boxer briefs
  2. Sex
  3. Loving a good one
  4. Ruggedness
  5. Tendered aggression
  6. Mental intellect
  7. The challenge
  8. When one can make me feel ‘pink’
  9. A well dressed one
  10. One who isn’t afraid to show his true emotions


  1. One who doesn’t take care of his kids
  2. Sloppy dresser
  3. Inability to communicate
  4. Posers/players
  5. Lack of onus, priority, ambition
  6. So-called game
  7. Deference
  8. Poor grooming/hygiene
  9. Infidelity
  10. Down low brothers

That is all!