Sensibility Lost…P7

Hello boys and girls, the wait is finally over…I’ve gotten a break in my rather demanding schedule to actually pen an addition to the Andrea and Tariq saga.

Here’s a recap…Andrea and Tariq are lovers who met while in Miami, agreed to a long distance relationship that after some time proved too much for Andrea and she ended it. They remained friends and agreed to give the relationship another try. Between planned trips, business trips, things seemed to be working out although Andrea was always left in some flux when it was time for their visit to be over. Tariq, unhappy with his current job, has been considering leaving it and has been weighing his options elsewhere. Their most recent time together was met with an impromptu romp in a parking lot, another romp in the shower at Andrea’s house, and an argument that lead to a marriage proposal. Let’s see what’s going on now…

End of Part 6…
“Andrea Renee Martina Phillips, will you marry me?” Tariq asked, taking her hand in his.

Andrea’s knees buckled and she fell backward on the couch. Air caught and compressed in her throat. Tariq remained on his knees as Andrea regained her composure. When she did, she was still speechless.

“Well, you said, if I had any more surprises I might as well give it them to you, so here it is,” he smile softly.

Andrea’s eyes welled up again and she reached out her hand. “Yes! Yes! I’ll marry you,” she jumped up, almost knocking Tariq over. “Now, that’s a surprise!” Andrea giggled. “I love you Tariq and I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry for getting mad. Please for…”

Tariq pulled her on top of him and kissed her his forgiveness. He then pushed ring onto her finger and said, “don’t ever doubt me again okay?” He said firmly. “I know things are crazy and there’s things to be worked out, but this needed to be done. I love you and don’t want to live with you thinking this can’t or won’t work. Understood?”

Andrea nodded her head between starting at the beautiful ring sparkling on her finger.

“Good. Now, let’s take this surprise upstairs so you can thank me properly,” Tariq said, scooping Andrea up into his arms as he carried her to the bedroom.

Part 7…
“Close your eyes”, Tariq directed as they entered the room. Andrea did. “Now open them,” he went on; putting her on the bed.

“Oh my!” Andrea clutched her chest. “When?”

“While you were crying,” Tariq sat beside her. “When I came up for the ring, I lit them. They smell great,” he went on. “You like?”

Andrea nodded; looking around the room. It did look truly beautiful. She loved candles and had them all around the room, but rarely lit them all at once. She held her hand up as the light danced on the diamonds in the ring and she smiled turning to Tariq; tears once again pooling in her eyes. She didn’t know what to think. The proposal wasn’t expected and certainly not under the conditions it was made, but she was happy nonetheless and relished the moment’s positive turn of events.

“I love you Tariq”, Andrea whispered.

“Mmm! Say that again,” Tariq drew Andrea into his arms and began kissing her neck.

“I love you Tariq. I love you. I love you Tariq Rashaan Anderson,” Andrea repeated.

Seemingly as if on cue, music began playing in the background as Tariq and Andrea began removing each other’s clothes. Tariq showered Andrea’s curvy body with kisses and feather-light touches as she cooed and moaned in delight; their bodies casting erotic silhouettes on the walls. Commanding touches led to erratic kisses as Tariq reduced Andrea’s body into a molten mass from the feverish savagery in which he consumed the essence of her being. She flayed and screamed and tried and failed to push him away from her. The fighting led to continued unrelenting punishment. Tariq’s oral assault had Andrea’s head spinning, her calling God nonreligious ways, and her body failing to stop responding; only furthering the voracity of what was happening to her. Tariq’s continued satisfying himself until Andrea mustered the strength enough to successfully push his head from between her thighs and lay breathless and sweating while her body spasmed uncontrollably. Tariq wiped his face and stared intently at Andrea visually still consuming her. Slowly he crawled on top of her, his diamond hard erection tracing the seam of her legs subliminally forcing them to yield to his entry. Taking her breast in his mouth, Andrea stuttered something he couldn’t understand and he felt her nails dig slightly painfully into his dampened flesh; the sting only heightening his sensitivity and already intense desire. A groan slipped from the back of his throat and fiery breath covered Andrea’s breasts and chest. Tariq’s kisses ventured from breast to neck and Andrea’s hands traced from back to the inverted arch of his back to the curve of his butt. Tariq paused and reached for the glass sitting on the nightstand and in a fluid motion, spilled the cold content onto the arc in Andrea’s shoulder causing a violent shiver, providing a slight respite from the inferno of their combined heat.

“Ooh!” The guttural moan escaped Andrea’s mouth. “Damn…Mmm…Oooh!” She cooed. “I…I…Nee…”

And the words trailed off as Tariq’s mouth covered hers; swallowing the words. He knew what she needed and he was going to give it to her. He turned her over, careful only to give her a moment to breathe before his mouth covered hers again and yielded once more to his command; his hard on now tracing the crease of her curvaceous behind bringing her closer to submission. Holding his hand carefully on her neck, he squeezed just slightly as his knees pushed her legs open; the heat escaping against his thighs. Without further need for delay, Tariq slid into Andrea’s furnace; her body shook and retracted; securing him inside of her. He slid in and out of her as she arched her back to get in sync with his rhythm and soon they were moving in a sexually charged dance of love and passion.

Tariq rode Andrea into another orgasm before turning her over and reentered before she could even recover. Andrea wrapped her legs around Tariq’s waist, undulating her hips in a titillating grind while slowly squeezing and releasing her vaginal grip. Tariq groaned, succumbing to the unexpected sensation while his body shuddered with each squeeze. Andrea smiled at him before pulling him into a deep kiss; the residual taste of herself still fresh on Tariq’s lips. Andrea didn’t care and drove her kiss deeper into Tariq’s mouth. Their moans, groans, whispered words blended in with background music; forming a love symphony.

Andrea felt Tariq’s body become shudder; a telltale sign his climax was near, and increased her motion under him bringing him closer and closer to the edge and then without warning, she managed to push his weight aside and position herself on top of him and ride him with unbridled restraint. He bucked into her while holding her tightly around her small waist. Andrea bounced up and down with Tariq’s steading and slowed as she felt her own release nearing. With carefully crafted strokes, they steered each other into a seismic mutual climax leaving soaked and displaced sheets in their wake. Andrea collapsed against Tariq’s chest before he pushed her gently aside and spooned her into a well-earned and much-needed sleep.

© Blu Jewel 2012

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