Thursday Thoughts…

While I’m waiting for things to slow down enough for me to get Andrea and Tariq out of the bedroom, I thought I’d share some things that have been on my mind…

The following are things that have been or are currently on my mind…
Why do women who KNOW a man does not want a child think it’s okay to get pregnant, have the baby, and then get mad when he wants nothing to do with the child?

No p*ssy or d*ck is THAT good that we feel it’s okay to kill another for it or over it!

If leading by example means being the example worth following, why aren’t those of us in a position to effect positive changes doing anything for the youth?

I find it interesting that NO ONE is talking about Trayvon Martin anymore

Why? Why? Why…Is anyone STILL giving Kim Kardashian any airtime?
Now that Popeprah is off the air, what are her cult followers doing with their lives?

Real Housewives of wherever the hell they’re from is some real live boolshyte! I polled a some housewives I know and NONE of them live like the portrayals on TV, which leads me to say, “those heffas ain’t housewives, but drama queens, attention whores, and no nothing about REALITY”

On the subject of reality, when are we as a society going to STOP getting caught up in this so-called ‘reality’ they’re calling tv shows? Call it want you want, but there’s nothing REAL about that ish.

Since wearing my hair natural, I’ve noticed I get far more attention from men then when I was wearing my hair relaxed, which leads me to ask this…Are men seeing women with natural hair as more confident, secure, low maintenance and approachable than their relaxed hair/weaved counterparts?

Is ‘light-skinned’ vs. ‘dark-skinned’ still an issue?

That is all!

11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts…

  1. On your first point, some women have a really warped view of relationships and children. On your second point, I offer my mother’s thought: “know a person by their actions, not by their words”. The people who are good role models and parents to their children, don’t make the news highlights because they do what’s right.
    Reality TV shows are scripted and choreographed.
    In my opinion, men and women are searching for low maintenance relationships as they get older.

    • That is an understatement. I’m seeing some really jacked up priorities when it comes to women and their kids. I agree, but in ref to my thought, I don’t know that it applies. Folk don’t know that they could be killed for breaking up with someone. Amen to good role models/parents. There is NOTHING real about reality shows. I definitely agree with you there; low maintenance is where it’s at.

  2. The day I post about Kim Kardashian would be the day you comment on her irrelevance. Smh. Lol. I don’t understand the women and men having unprotected sex when neither really wants a child out of the situation. At least I don’t think either person does.

    Trayvon Martin, like most important issues are no longer as important once those 15 minutes of fame are over. And it’s always interesting hearing reality TV referred to as such, when we all know hardly anything is real in front of a camera lens.

    • The day you post about Kim. K is the day I hunt you down and revoke your writing privileges. Too man women use childredn as weapons/tools to get or keep a man; very SAD! It’s a human, not a pet.

      Agreed! We’re so proactive one minute and then it’s business as usual the next. That’s why I didn’t jump on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon; I knew the music would die out real quick. Unreality shows; nuff said!

      • Wholeheartedly agreed @ unreality shows. And I’ve already braced myself for George Zimmerman;’s “not guilty” verdict whenever the case goes to trial.

  3. The thing that I’ve never understood about unmarried people is why they think that bringing a child into a relationship will solidify the relationship. There are married people I know who divorce after having children. Just having someone’s baby doesn’t make them yours………that’s just silly.

    Kim Kardashian is just titties and ass with a face. The only reason any of us know who she is; other than her famous father (who has been dead like 20 years) is because she blew someone’s brother on tape.

    Reality TV doesn’t move me at all.

    • I hear and cosign you Reggie on all counts. Children aren’t to be created for and with selfish intent, but that’s a point that seems to fall on death ears.

      Kim K is, well, not even worth further comment.

      RTv is a WASTE!

  4. aha! found ya! LOL…
    very interesting post, my dear. i see from your “thoughts” that you & i are still very much kinnected. please don’t get me started on the whole Khardashian craze OR the foolishness that is “reality” tv. i’m so fuckin’ over both of the before-mentioned pieces of crap. LOL…
    anyway, won’t hi-jack your comments, (i’ll save that for my next visit! HA!!) BUT thanks for letting me know where you are!! 🙂

  5. Kim K, blah, Reality TV, although i have watched many…is becoming a chore, esp those featuring our own. Lord send us/them the writers a muse to write something more original and entertaining. I still follow the Trayvon Martin case but can’t get past the blaintant disrespect to his death and the Hoorah party for Zimmerman. Hate is at it’s highest and i can only take so much. I’m loving my natural hair, although sometimes a chore to train, i’m going through with what i started (never finished) 3 years ago…bc now i can see the rainbow!

  6. No need to address the K.K or the TV topics since we’ve collectively agreed it’s a waste of time.

    It’s refreshing to hear that someone other than me has resigned themselves to the possible outcome for ZImmerman. The only glimmer of hope I’ve had was after Sandusky was convicted of 45 of 48 counts, but like the attention Trayvon’s death has received, my hope and attention was fleeting.

    Ah, the trials of natural hair! I have those days where I’d willingly give in to a relaxer or some other form of intervention, but then I remember how some gel, a brush, and a head band can save time and the day.

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