Sensibility Lost IV

Okay boys and girls, here’s another installment of this self-driven novella…

Without preamble, Tariq eased gently into Andrea, who was momentarily shocked by the way Tariq felt. No amount of recollection or fantasy could compare to the intense reality of the feeling. Andrea adjusted herself to receive him entirely and eased into his flow. Tariq steadied himself; thankful for the bathroom upgrade Andrea made since his last visit. He took advantage of the embossed tiles that provided safe traction and eyed the bench at the other end of the enclosure. This was going to be an exquisite weekend.

Andrea gyrated and cooed as Tariq slid and out of her as her breasts swung shamelessly with each stroke. She managed to reach up and turn on the built-in waterproof mp3 player, which was a last minute add-on to the upgrade; one she was extremely thankful for. She loved her music and having this installation served as a perfect complement to creating a spa like atmosphere; it would now serve to compliment there spontaneous love making.

“Damn Andie,” Tariq crooned as he cupped her chocolate moon, pulling her closer to him. “Mm! You feel so good baby,” he went on, easing long, controlled strokes in and out of her heat.

He was enjoying her tightness as the increased friction enhanced the already good feeling.

“Turn around,” he commanded without warning and pulled out. “I want to look at you. I want to see those beautiful expressions, taste your sweet mouth, and make you stare at me instead of closing your eyes.”

At his request, Andrea was now facing Tariq who now had her pinned against the wall devouring her with kisses rich and passionate. She opened her eyes to meet Tariq’s intense stare and found herself lost in a sea of turbulent emotions; each wave sending her deeper into the squall of ecstasy. Tariq trailed from Andrea’s lips drizzling kisses around her neck and down to her swollen breasts as he continued his migration south and centered himself upon her equator. She looked down at him, smiling with pleasure as he inhaled her fragrance, kissed her petals and tasted her nectar. She shuddered and pushed forward; succumbing the sudden pulse that raced through her loins. Tariq steadied her leg onto the bench allowing him greater access to her seed. A hearty inhale consumed the taut, yet tender flesh that weakened her resolve; sending gale force winds of pleasure to shake Andrea’s core. The intensity of Tariq’s consumption almost breached Andrea’s stability, but she quickly adjusted and continued to yield.

“I…Can’t…I…Ahh…Tari…” Andrea struggled to speak; the oral assault impeding her ability to speak. “I’m. OH.MY.Gggg,” Andrea grabbed Tariq’s head. “I’m comm. I’m c.C.Comm,” the words gave way to moaning.

Tariq continued without impunity until he’d rendered Andrea a gasping and weakened semblance of the woman who’d first stepped into the shower.

“You good babe?” Tariq asked as he pulled Andrea from the tiles to the bench, “I can do it again if it wasn’t enough,” he winked and kissed her nose. Andrea swatted at him. “What’s that about?” Tariq sat beside Andrea; caressing her side of her face.

Andrea inhaled and sighed loudly, “you don’t play nice,” she gently pushed him, “damn man!”

Tariq laughed, “just wanted to give you what I’ve spent the entire ride here thinking about,” Tariq licked his lips tasting the residue of Andrea’s nectar. “You tasted…”

“Better than the food I’ve probably ruined,” Andrea interrupted. She stood up and quickly sat back down. “Wait, what about you?” She asked, pointing.

“Oh, Andie,” Tariq replied, “Don’t worry about that baby. We’ve got the rest of the night and weekend. How about we shower for real, eat, and let the night go at its own pace?” Tariq pulled Andrea to her feet and walked her toward the shower head and began lathering her, which was reciprocated with careful attention not to linger in any one place.

Once showered and dressed, Tariq and Andrea made their way downstairs to the kitchen. Andrea poured wine and they toasted themselves before Andrea busied herself with the food. Fortunately it wasn’t ruined, but was certainly stone cold. After making the necessary adjustments, reheating, and other preparations, dinner was ready and plated. They moved from the kitchen to the dining nook where candle were lit, background music turned on, and grace was said. Dinner was eaten quickly and ferociously with seconds had and still room for dessert. Andrea removed the pineapple upside down cake from the oven, cut big pieces, and topped them with homemade whipped cream and returned to the table.

“Mmm! You went all out,” Tariq complimented, forking a big chunk in his mouth. “Dinner was excellent and now this? Girl, you’re gonna have me weighted up before I leave here,” he went on between now smaller bites.

Andrea blushed and smiled. “Just doing what I love. I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Andrea replied, now eating her slice of cake. “I just went grocery shopping, so write whatever you want me to cook on the white board and I’ll make it,” Andrea reached for Tariq’s hand.

Tariq took and raised it to his mouth kissing her knuckles. “You know you don’t have to do all that Andie,” he informed, “I’m not here to make you my personal chef ya know?!” He went on.

“I know, but I don’t mind and it sure beats cooking for one or cooking and giving plates of food away,” Andrea grimaced. “The crew comes over, but they don’t really care what’s on the menu, so it’s not personalized. At least with you making suggestions, I can cook specific meals. Deal?”

“Deal!” Tariq turned their hand holding into a handshake. “But, you know I have to take you out at least once before I head back,” Tariq insisted.

“Whatever you like love,” Andrea paused, “speaking of you heading back, have you decided how long you’re staying this time?”

A sudden dread hit Andrea. She always knew their time together had an expiration date, but she hoped this time would at least be longer than the last visit. After initially giving a long distance relationship a try, Andrea realized it was too much for her. Between their geography impeding regular quality time, they each travelled for work, which was a blessing in some ways as they’d meet each other on the road, but after a while it took a toll emotionally. Lonely nights, events spent with their go-to platonic friends instead of each other, or simply the questions from friends about their status became too much to deal with, so they broke things off. They remained friends and in touch, which gave each other some comfort, but after Tariq’s last visit; though work-related, they realized how much they truly missed each other and mutually decided they’d find ways to make it work.

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