Sensibility Lost…Part III

Here’s another installment in this novella. I thought this would be the last installment, but it seems to have formed an energy of it’s own, so I’m going with it…

Tariq shook his head as he slowly regained his composure. Andrea was stirring from her rather uncomfortable position in the foot well of the car. She reached for Tariq’s extended hand and he pulled her on top of him.

“Uhm?” He paused, “what just happened?” Tariq flashed his award winning you-can’t-resist-me smile.

Andrea blushed and buried her head into the side of Tariq’s neck.

“Sensibility lost!” She whispered, saying nothing more.

Tariq angled himself in an attempt to see Andrea’s face, but she buried it deeper; fighting him.

“Aww! C’mon Andie, there’s no need for that,” Tariq comforted, “look at me. Please?” Tariq smoothed his hand over Andrea’s disheveled hair. “Trust me, I’m not complaining.” He reassured.

Andrea let out a loud sigh and slowly lifted her head; cautiously looking Tariq in the eye.

“I said, sensibility lost”.

“Okay. What does it mean?”

Andrea fought her combined annoyance and embarrassment by kissing Tariq tenderly on his dampened cheek and let out another; more subdued sigh and struggled to explain.

“It’s been how long since we’ve seen each other?” She asked, not really expecting an answer, “too long.” Andrea forced herself back into the driver’s seat. “I’ve been celibate since and…well, you know how it gets”. Tariq nodded in agreement. “I didn’t plan this. I thought I could…” Andrea’s voice trailed off.

Her throat was dry in spite of its prior lubrication, her jaw ached, and she was starting to feel a bit vulnerable. She began reaching for her clothes and Tariq followed suit. He turned Andrea’s face to his, giving her a reassuring smile and quick kiss on her lips.

“Andie, it’s cool. I understand…TRUST ME!” Tariq punctuated. “Don’t you think I felt the same?”

Andrea nodded. “But here? In public? In a car?”

Tariq knew Andrea didn’t want it to be like this, not after their wait. The canceled plans had been torture on them both. The calls and texts were only teasers; verbal foreplay leading to sex that didn’t happen and masturbation being their only mutual outlets. He knew. He understood what she was feeling, but it didn’t’ need to be said – He knew she knew he felt it too. They’d talked about what they’d like it to be like when they finally saw each other. They’d reminisced on the times shared in the past and this was a far cry from each of their previous times, but it didn’t take away from their closeness. An impulsive and spontaneous rendezvous could only enhance their relationship; they were too much in love for it to hurt it.

Now dressed, parched, and thoroughly hungry, Andrea cranked the engine and prepared to head home.

“Before you pull off,” Tariq gently said, “we’re good Andie; real good”, he rubbed her arm. “Don’t let this dampen our weekend.”

Andrea choked back the lump in her throat. “I’m sorry I lost it. I wanted to candles, music, and the romance. I should’ve…”

Tariq cut her off. “You did what you did and it was great. It’s a part of you I’ve never seen and I like it”, he smiled. “You’ll get everything you hoped and planned for; don’t doubt that. Just consider it before the foreplay.” Tariq winked and gave Andrea a devilish grin.

“You’re so bad!” Andrea backhanded him and actually pulled out of the lot.

They arrived within five minutes and entered Andrea’s house. It was dimly lit and the fragrant smell of jasmine rice wafted through the air. Andrea left the rice cooker to prepare the rice and she’d already prepared the coconut tamarind fish and shrimp along with the veggies that she’d prepped and just needed sautéing.

“Mmm! Smells heavenly in here”, Tariq complimented as he placed his bag at the foot of the stairs and walked toward the kitchen. “Can’t wait to dig in”, he went on, rubbing his stomach. “Maybe we should wash up first though?” He grinned pulling Andrea out of the kitchen.

She reluctantly followed fearing the idea of them being naked again might delay dinner even further, but it was a chance she was willing to take. She was sticky and a little achy so the thought of hot water cascading down upon her was as erotic as seeing Tariq in his chocolate splendor standing before her.

“Still like it hot?” Tariq called out from the bathroom. “No pun intended,” he laughed; catching the double entendre.

“Yes, that will never change,” Andrea replied as she sauntered into the bedroom; leaving her clothes in a pile on the floor. “Just a shower okay?” She added cautiously.

Andrea didn’t want dinner to wait much longer and she was more than hungry. Nerves had prevented her from eating earlier and now it was much later than her usual dinner time. It was hard her to even concentrate as she soaked in Tariq’s stature. His six plus foot frame was defined, but without being overly so. Andrea liked that Tariq wasn’t a testosterone fiend who had to be in the gym almost daily; he worked out enough to stay fit and healthy. His closely cut hair, just shy of being bald and his oh, so sexy goatee complimented his entire facial features, but his mind; that beautiful mind sealed him as an entire package. Their connection, the pull, the easy ebb and flow was everything Andrea didn’t know she needed when they reconnected and it was the thing that kept them together even when they were apart. Kindred spirits is what Tariq called them; Andrea didn’t disagree. She got used to their being apart when they were, but was on pins and needles any time they planned to see each other. They weren’t officially a couple, but they were certainly more than friends.

“Earth to Andie!” Tariq called out. “Water’s ready. It’s been ready,” Tariq dragged Andrea into the shower. “I’m starving woman, let’s get cleaned up and get to the kitchen.”

“Hey! Don’t touch me like that,” Andrea swatted Tariq’s hand. “We’ll never eat if you don’t stop playing around”, Andrea giggled.

Despite Andrea’s protests, Tariq didn’t stop; he wouldn’t stop. He kissed the back of her neck while fondling her breasts, causing soft moans, which led to deeper moans as Tariq’s freed one her breasts and slid his hand between her legs. Andrea ground her butt against the hard on that she’d been trying to ignore from the moment they got in the shower. Pulsing water cascaded upon both of them heightening and complimenting the heat they were already emitting. Tariq eased Andrea against the wall and positioned her for entry.

©Blu Jewel 2012

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  1. Thanks for offering your readers a really good black romance read. Black romance, I say, cause all Tariq and Andrea did was FUCK. Lol. I’m not complaining though.

    Even as the story ends, they’re about to go at it, again. LOLOL!

    I laughed aloud – where you stated her throat was dry despite prior lubrication. Too funny.

    Good stuff, Blu.

    • LOL! Don, don’t get me giving away my plot, but trust me; they don’t just fuck and black romance is much more than that. You and I both KNOW that when you haven’t seen the one you love for a while; real romance takes a temporary backseat.

  2. Very nice, very nice indeed BluJewel!!!

    Keep it up. I believe you’ve got a book or two in you.

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