Sensibility Lost…Part I

I had a moment and this is what came out…It’s not complete; I’ll get to that, but I wanted to post something today, so here’s what I’ve got so far…

In the 10 minutes it took Andrea to arrive at the train station, she’d experienced a plethora of emotions that almost made her wish for a Xanax; the “keeps me off the ledge” magic pill her best friend Millie swore by. She knew she’d be excited to see Tariq, but the weight of her anxiousness felt more like a cloak of armour than a sigh of relief for their schedules finally syncing. Andrea and Tariq had been trying for months to see each other, only to have their plans and confirmations aborted by one thing or another, but today it was actually and finally happening.

Andrea pulled into the station, took a deep breath, and exhaled audibly. She looked at herself in the rearview mirror unsure of what she’d see looking back at her. Surprisingly, her minimal makeup was still intact, her eyes sparkled, and the heat she felt rising within her hadn’t manifested into beads of sweat on her nose and forehead. Pleased that she didn’t look a mess, Andrea jumped out the car to give herself a quick once over. She sniffed herself and the Hypnose perfume clung delicately to her skin. Her armpits hadn’t sprung a leak and dampened her fitted blouse and the form-flattering low-rise; hip hugging jeans punctuated her femininity. She got back into her car and toyed with the radio stations trying to soothe nerves as she sipped the cool water she’d almost forgotten was sitting in the cup holder.

“Three more minutes”, she whispered to no one.

The sound of the train whistled in the distance signaling it eminent arrival. Andrea took another deep breath, exhaled slowly, and swallowed the last of the water.

“This is it kiddo! The moment you’ve been waiting for…” Andrea paused. “Don’t spaz! Don’t spaz!”

The ground rumbled gently and the whistle blew again as the train neared its approach. A sudden wave of anxiety erupted from Andrea’s stomach to her head causing a moments panic, but she maintained her composure as the train stopped at the platform. She watched as the passengers exited the train and there he was in all his handsome regalia. His head was down as he fumbled with his phone, not realizing he was within a few feet of her. Suddenly he looked up and the smile that erupted from his smooth, chocolate face could have dimmed the overhead lighting. Andrea received and returned his smile with a complimentary one of her own.

“Miss Andrea Phillips!” Tariq’s quiet storm, radio personality voice broke the silence and she all but swooned as he pulled her into a warm and lasting embrace.

“Mmmm!” Was about all Andrea could muster for the moment; losing herself in his strong arms.
Tariq eased out of their embrace and stared her down from head to toe and toe to head.

“Damn girl! Could you look any better?” Tariq complimented making Andrea blush.

Andrea smiled again and after finally finding her voice said,
“Mr. Tariq Anderson, is this really you? Pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming this.”

Andrea stared at Tariq shaking her head in disbelief.

Instead of pinching her, Tariq took a step closer, stared Andrea in her eyes and cupped her face in his hands; and before Andrea could even piece what was happening together, Tariq’s mouth covered hers and they were lip locked in a passionate kiss. Heaven’s gate opened, Angels sang, and Andrea felt herself being swept off her firmly planted feet. Erratic thoughts raced through her mind as she could do nothing more than wrapped her arms around Tariq’s neck and kiss him like he was the thaw that melted the snow. Her body radiated the quelled abated passionate she’d been carrying. After what seemed like an eternity later, they broke the kiss. Andrea looked up into Tariq’s eyes trying to communicate everything she found herself unable to say. He heard her and pulled her into another kiss ignorant to the people passing by and the snide remarks of “get a room” from a smart mouthed kid.

© 2012 Blu Jewel

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  1. You’re an excellent writer. I couldn’t write like this to save my life. You paint an excellent picture with your words.

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