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This is not an original idea and I give credit to Don since this where it came from. Don and I have been Blog Family for years and he’s definitely and consistently been one of my favourites over the years. His Likes/Dislikes list has always been one of the things I enjoyed reading and from time to time, it’s inspired me to create some of my own.

Here’s what I like/dislike at the moment…

Unwavering faith
Sunday mornings where for for just a little while; only he and I exist
Being in an emotionally strong place
Knowing Lil Lady has listened to the things I’ve said over the years
Fulfilling my desire of being a good mentor/role model
Simply not giving a f*ck sometimes
Pushing myself; in spite of myself
Refusing to be what someone else wants me to be
True/lasting friendships
Knowing when to walk away or let go

The unnecessary and hypocritical attacks on the POTUS
Needy and toxic/drama filled people
How most young men/women do not value themselves
Virtual vs real life connections
The decline of the black family/community
Squandered opportunities
Quantity vs. Quality

That is all!

8 thoughts on “Top Ten List

  1. Co-sign quality over quantity. A wise woman once taught me that particular lesson early in life.

    Liars – ugh.

    One of my fave Tupac quotes: “We went from brothers and sisters to niggaz and bitches.” That’s how I sum up the fall of the black family/community, for the most part.

    I will be glad when Obama leaves office. The man has been attacked more than any POTUS in history. Even Bush, who deserved constant criticism.

    Agreed – sometimes I just sit and talk with my oldest daughter and really listen to the things she says. I adore the fact that she has learned many a lesson, some w/o having to go thru the bullshit involved in learning certain lessons.

    Faith – all we really have in this world. That, and being ourselves. I like the friendships that survive throughout it all. I find a calm and beauty in the fact.

    Oh, yes, I keeps me a “Fuck It” card in the back pocket. It comes in handy.

    Thanks for the shout, Blu, yes, we’ve shared some experiences over the years via blogs and it’s been real indeed. Love the blog.

    • Quality over Quantity seems to be a hard concept for so many to grasp, which completely astounds me; especially in our demographic.

      If our children are spoken to with respect and in open/honest dialogue, they’ll respond and engage with such.

      Cosign your statement on Faith; specially in regard to lasting friendships

      The “Fuck it” card is an essential life tool; sometimes it’s the safest and most legal form of not responding to the drama or saves us from being in front of a judge 😉

      My pleasure Don. It’s much deserved.

  2. I haven’t been to Don’s page in a minute, but this is one thing about his page I do really like.

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