Gone too far…

I have and always will be a fan of tattoos. Wait, let me correct that; I’m a fan of tattoos that have symbolism, are well thought out, and more importantly; well placed. That being said, I have 14 tattoos strategically placed on my back, stomach, shoulder, legs, feet, wrists, and forearm that each mean something very specific to me. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone who gets tats are free to place them wherever they want and for whatever reason they want, but when people are turning a rather painful and notably permanent form or artwork on their bodies into a fad, that’s where my issues set in.
I came across this photo and gagged like a cat spewing up a hair ball.

I can’t for the life of me fathom why someone would literally deface themselves. Obviously I can’t tell the age of the person captured in the photo, but given the age requirements for getting tattoos, the person is obviously over 18. In fact, she looks like she’s at least in her 20’s. Again, I ask why? This person would have an impossibly hard time acquiring a job where she’s required being in front of people; she’s unlikely to garner anything but awkward stares from people with whom she comes in contact with; and she can’t possibly be trusted to make rational or logical decisions. What’s more curious is why the tattoo artist even thought it was wise to agree to ink her face. Yes, money speaks volumes; especially in the economic climate, but any self-respecting artist would refuse to do it in order to preserve their reputation amongst their peers and customers. I jokingly told my tattoo artist; who is also a family member I wanted a ‘J’; my significant others inked on my pelvis and he laughed and refused. He even refused to ink my finger citing that hand tats take longer to heal and fade faster because hands are always being washed. This I could appreciate and respect; the artist inking Hello Kitty® on a woman’s face I cannot. I guess he does not care too much about his reputation or he lives in a community where being inked in such a ridiculous manner is the norm. Whichever the case, it still speaks poorly to the state of our youth and society today.

I want to know where our self-respect has gone. I want to know why people do not think they’re worth more than the sum of their parts. I want to know why we’ve taken something that can be so beautiful and completely devalued it into something trendy and/or faddish. Why do we not treasure ourselves enough to be more than a spectacle or fodder for others?

When asked why I’m inked and what my tats mean, I’m pleased to know that the response I get tends to be rather favourable and why would I not be? At least I’m not being looked at like or being inquired about as if I’m the joke of the day. I do seriously hope that this current and rather foolish trend will stop sooner rather than later and people; regardless of age will put some serious thought into where they’re getting inked.

That is all!

7 thoughts on “Gone too far…

  1. While I don’t currently have any tattoos, I can’t say that I won’t ever get one. But when I see ink like on the young woman above, I’m at a loss for words. I don’t know why a woman would put ink on her face. I don’t know why a tattoo artist….would agree to do so. In my opinion, it’s just not a good look.

    • Reggie, it’s a sad state of affairs when a woman deems it necessary to do this to herself. All you can do is shake your head and pray

  2. nope, no tattoos for me. appreciate them as a work of art, but will never get one. that girl with the hello kitty tatted on her face? fail.

    A lady friend showed me one in a place so .. I’m still in post-traumatic recovery :~)

  3. When I had initially saw this picture I said to myself that either the young lady was on drugs, suffered from mental illness or rebelling from something in her past and/or present life. If my daughter did the same, I’d seriously look into having her committed.

  4. oh DEAR me is all I have to say…..tats definitely an art form if it has meaning for sure. This young lady has overdosed on the shit I cant even see her beauty. Whoever advised her on those tats just mean I say, habaaa now she dey spoil the ting!!

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