And the hypocrisy continues…

So, the POTUS makes a bold, public statement that he supports gay marriage; not simply civil unions, but gay MARRIAGE and now the Christian community is up in arms about it…Really? I all but pissed my pants laughing at this one because I know for a bona fide FACT that there are PLENTY gays singing in the choir, preaching at the pulpit, and sitting in the congregation. The saying, “thou dost protest too much” immediately came to mind because those raising the most stink, tend to be the funky ones; ya feel me?

I’m so tired; wait…beyond tired of Christians talking about homosexuality being an abomination and it goes against the Bible etc., meanwhile many Christians forget that what they’re doing is also a sin; “judge not; lest ye be judged”. Do we need to remind these Bible quoting, judgemental Christians that Bishop Eddie Long cost the church millions in a settlement after allegations of his homosexual encounters with teenage boys? The list of accusations against the Church and crimes against Christianity in the name of sex is plentiful and I’m not going to start trying to list them because I know you know it too. What I need to make clear is that not just in the name of Christianity is the black community; since that’s whom I’m talking about in this post, hypocritical, but in our community as a whole. Do I need to remind those pointing fingers that we have one of; if not the highest instances of HIV? Do I need to further point out that it’s contracted and spread by Down Low brothers who are too afraid to admit their homo- or bi- sexuality? No, I think you all are smart enough to catch on.

It’s 2012 and homo and bisexuality has been around from “when John was a boy” as old time Jamaicans would say and it’s pretty much not going to go away. Whether the POTUS, you, or I accept or refute it; it is what it is. If two consenting adults of the same sex want to make a legal and hopefully; lifetime commitment to each other, then I don’t see what the problem is. I’ve not only been too, but participated in a same sex marriage; union, or whatever you choose to call it and it was to a couple who’d already been together 10 years. Their post legal union outlasted my mere two-year marriage and they’re still together. Save for their sexual preference, gay men and women have the same issues we do, so why do certain people keep protesting them? Ugh! SMDH! There is good and bad in every race; every community; every, everything, so until we need to live and let live.

We need to worry about what’s going on in our own lives and stop concerning ourselves with issues that in truth are of no real consequence. Like I said in a post last week, we’re concerning ourselves with someone’s sexuality and not issues like starving children? Get the fudge outta here son! I’ve got too much going on in my own life to worry about who someone wants to marry or have sex with. I’m sure the gay community doesn’t give a shiggity about what I’m doing one way or another and would apreciate me and/or everyone else doing the same.

Sidenote – These politrickers, so-called Christians and countless others who are busy protesting Homosexuality, need to pause, perform a self-assessment on their own lives, and cash the reality check that their lives are far from Biblical and maybe; just maybe, we can actually live in a country/world that is in accordance to The Word. I bet there’d be a lot of shattered glass around if folk actually got right.

That is all!

11 thoughts on “And the hypocrisy continues…

  1. Blu, please don’t get me started on “Christians.” Please don’t. You shouldn’t want to see me go there. Lol. Seriously though, I’ve always stated that when Jesus Christ returns he won’t recognize hardly any of the ones who refer to themselves as Christians, cause there will be too many masks to uncover…

    And I’m not referring to true Christians, I’m talking exclusively to those who “think” they know how to pretend.

    • Oh yes Don, I DO want to get you started. I want to hear what you have to say because you are a voice I like to hear from. Please come back and put the word down because it NEEDS to be said.

      Man, do I ever concur with “when Jesus Christ returns he won’t recognize hardly any of the ones who refer to themselves as Christians, cause there will be too many masks to uncover…”

  2. I hear you. The way I see it people just like to find someone to point the finger at and something to complain about. It’s sad, but true.

    At the end of the day, in my opinion, it all boils down to free will. Each of us makes our own decisions, for our own reasons and we must each live with the consequences…whatever they may be. It’s as simple as that…in my mind.

    • I absolutely concur. To me, some things aren’t right or wrong; they just are and homosexuality is one of those things. Why? I have gay (male and female) friends and they’ve each said they’ve known they were gay from an early age. Some have solely dated their own gender and others have dated in a traditional fashion, but never truly felt wholly attracted to their hetro partner as they did to their same gendered partner.

      I say live and let live. We are all human and we’re far from perfect, so whatever we do and whomever we do it with is an indivual occurance and we’ll account for ourselves at some point if/when necessary or applicable.

  3. It was no less an icon as Gandhi who once said….

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

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