If you can’t say it right, then don’t say it…

Given I was born and raised in the UK, studied and earned a B.A Lang/Litt, and have a pretty firm command on being well spoken, I undoubtedly cringe when I hear things mispronounced. I prescribe to the philosophy of the wealthy, “if you have to ask how much it cost, you can’t afford it”, but with words…”If you can’t pronounce it, then you shouldn’t say it”. So, imagine my shock, appall, and then subsequent humour with the following…

My bestie came to my desk this morning to say hi and drop something off for me. During the conversation, she tells me that she’s in search of a fragrance that won’t make her husband sneeze and how she happened upon a woman who was wearing a fragrance that appealed to her. She asked the woman what it was and the woman replied, “Juicy Cooter”. (Currently holding in my laughter as I type) I said, “she’s wearing what?????” And that’s where I lost it. I let out a roar of a belly laugh as I tried to say, “did she mean Couture?” My bestie nods her head affirmatively as she too now erupts into a belly laugh. I finally regained composure and said, “I guess she has no idea of how to say Couture or she’d have thought better of what she actually said?!” We agreed between laughter that neither of us would want to walk around smelly like Juicy Cooter.

This led me to recall a girl Lil Lady’s knows who stated she wanted to get a pair of Looboat’ins (loo bow (soft) ‘t’ ins; yes, my readers; she actually said that. My ears bled profusely upon hearing that. I said, if she can’t pronounce the rather fine, expensive, and quality footwear, she obviously should not be wearing them. Agree?

Call me a word snob, but really? If you’re trying to impress someone or you want to wear or own something expensive; something obviously foreign, at least know how to properly pronounce it. The following are some other words that make my ears bleed and make me want to wretch at the sound of the mispronunciation…

Gee van she – Givenchy
Ver sayse – Versace
E Saint Law rent – Yves St. Laurent
Hoot Cooter – Haute Couture
Whores De Over – hors d’oeuvres
Juno say qua – Je ne sais quoi
Arrow postal – Aeropostale

Sidenote…here’s a few regular words that are either often mispronounced or are just plain wrong…

Irregardless – not a word
Mines – grammatically incorrect
Conversate – not a word
Skrimp – definitely not a word

My fingers hurt for having actually typed those awful words. Please feel free to add some of your own

That is all!

8 thoughts on “If you can’t say it right, then don’t say it…

  1. lol, at least learn the correct spelling and pronounciation before you purchase,omg…i am not a snob, but i believe in using correct English at all times!

  2. I attended public school and then a state university. There is nothing particularly fancy about my upbringing. I am forever amazed to hear people do the same things you’re talking about. How can someone speak the same language and go to the same schools and not really understand how to speak the language that they’ve heard from birth?!?

    • Man, if we had answers to that question, we’d get so paid Reggie. It’s pretty sad and pathetic that people take no pride in how they speak or speak with such proud ignorance. *sigh*

  3. The one that does my fckin’ head in is the misspelling “definately” :~(

    like WTF is that? complete idiotic and moronic spelling of “definitely”. see even Mrs. spellchecker flags it up as wrong in your reply box. Why can’t they bloody see this? I refuse to suffer the uneducated.

    I’ll bitch slap the next fool that sends me a text message or email with this misspelling

    • Hahaha! I feel you there Chrome. It’s so frustrating to read things with glaring typos. I understand that we, in texts and sometimes emails stray from proper grammer; however, when writing or speaking in more formal settings should write and speak with the proper diction.

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