What’s really important?

When I saw the following, I immediately knew it would become a post. While there are many views and opinions on homosexuality, I still don’t think it’s nearly as tragic as starving, abused, and neglected children. Food is a need not a want and it’s something that no child should have to do without; especially when food and/or abused is wasted at an alarming rate in the United States. Granted, the photo depicts children in a third world nation; let’s not forget that their is similar hunger in this country; a fact that is grossly understated.

Obese children get a large amount of media attention, but so little attention is paid to the huge numbers of children who barely eat the equivalent of one whole meal for the day much less get to eat three. These children suffer from grave developmental, health, and mental issues that affect them differently than obese children, but they are still adversely affected. With the egregious amount of food that is wasted, there is absolutely NO reason why any child should go without a meal. And to add insult to injury, the politrickers pay more attention to homosexuality than to childhood hunger. Why are they not ensuring children are eating well in order to develop properly and not become susectible to physical and mental health problems? Probably because they’re far too busy worrying about some bullshyt that they have no business worrying about. They don’t care that these children become victims of bullying because they’re so frail and/or cannot concentrate in class. The politrickers are too busy ignoring real problems. They may address childhood obesity like our First Lady is, but again, where is the attention for under or malnourished children? Unlike obsese children, those going without adequate food aren’t being unfed because they’re parents don’t want to feed them; they’re unfed because the family cannot afford to feed them more than is available to spend on groceries.

It’s horrendous that in 2012, children are still going without adequate nutrition which is a major health concern and homosexuality isn’t. Yes, folk want to sit around and blame homosexuality for AIDS or HIV, which was first identified in the homosexual and drug communities, but it’s not the only place where it happened or continues to happen. Homosexuality will not break down society; malnourished children can as they will not always grow or mature as they should and then become a burden or a blessing; depending on how you look at it; on the healthcare system.

It’s time the United States/politrickers started addressing the real life and society affecting issues instead of trying to focus our attention on things that really aren’t major issues. Most homosexuals will tell you they knew early on they were gay, but I can guarantee you that no one is born to starve. Homosexuality has been around and will be around for all perpetuity and it is something that just is; the lack of food and hunger doesn’t have to be; it’s 100% preventable. So, the next time someone tries to spew their bigotry and hatred on you, or the next time you find yourselves spewing your distain for homosexuality, think about that starving child that may; for all you know, be living in your neighbourhood, town, or in school with your children; that should be a good reality check for you.

Born This way

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8 thoughts on “What’s really important?

  1. I would agree, the picture on the right is far more shocking to me. Why anyone would even give a shit about who someone else loves is beyond me.

    We all should care about hungry children. When the least of us are at risk, all of us are at risk.

    • Sadly, Reggie, there are far too many who feel they have a right to make dictations on someone else’s lifestyle and want to throw the Bible out there as their defense; however, these are the same people who often misquote it and forget they, too are sinners.

      Feel you on this “When the least of us are at risk, all of us are at risk.”

  2. This is very sad indeed that at this day and time children are still starving. The truth of the matter is, those faces are black, and many don’t care about us or our children.

    • You’re right about that sis. The colour of their skin means nothing to many, but they forget children of ALL colours are starving; meanwhile they’re concerning themselves with something as trivial as someone’s sexual orientation. SMH! šŸ˜¦

  3. great post blu. the juxtaposition was completely unnecessary, conceptually unrelated and added nothing to the conversation. but people are always at it, making ill considered comments and connections. I once had a gay co-worker who thought I was prejudiced against him make such a comment, about how we are brothers and I should cut him some slack, left me completely stumped that one. You can imagine the arguments we got into, though he turned out to be a very cool guy in the end and fun to work with. This world of ours huh?

  4. Both pictures shocked me, to be perfectly honest. But while reading the post I looked at homosexuality from girl-on-girl action and suddenly I wasn’t shocked anymore. So, in that regards, I completely understand the points made and agree that world hunger is not only shocking, but frightening even. Especially when you take into consideration that we live in a country that throws away food…

    • Hey Don…In this day and age homosexuality should be overlooked since it’s as commonplace as noses and starvation shouldn’t be an issue, but unfortunately, too many have their priorities back assward.

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