Those who have not followed me until recently, may not know I’m a Breast Cancer survivour. Recently, Gilda’s Club South Jersey received funds to launch a multimedia campaign to bring awareness to Gilda’s Club in order for those going through it as a cancer patient or friend/family member to know there is a place for them to receive support.

Gilda’s has been a staple in my life for almost 5 years now and without it, my ability to deal with what I was going through, navigate the healthcare system, gain awareness, and most importantly; receive care and support from people who actually knew what I was going through may not have happened. I credit them for being a valuable community resource and for offering a safe place for all affected by cancer.

The following link is the official commercial add for the campaign.

Gilda’s Club South Jersey Commercial

That is all!

2 thoughts on “Awareness

  1. I’m glad to hear that you won your battle with cancer, so many men and women don’t. Getting regular checkups is so very important, yet for whatever reason so many people don’t.

    • Thank you! I take my health seriously and ensure my checkups are done as/when necessary. Too many people are complacent with their health Reggie. They never miss a scheduled maintenance with their car, but don’t get regular health checkups. Just crazy! You can get another car, but you don’t get another life. If people repositioned their thought process and priorities as I just presented it, maybe they’d get a clue.

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