Sensibility Lost IV

Okay boys and girls, here’s another installment of this self-driven novella…

Without preamble, Tariq eased gently into Andrea, who was momentarily shocked by the way Tariq felt. No amount of recollection or fantasy could compare to the intense reality of the feeling. Andrea adjusted herself to receive him entirely and eased into his flow. Tariq steadied himself; thankful for the bathroom upgrade Andrea made since his last visit. He took advantage of the embossed tiles that provided safe traction and eyed the bench at the other end of the enclosure. This was going to be an exquisite weekend.

Andrea gyrated and cooed as Tariq slid and out of her as her breasts swung shamelessly with each stroke. She managed to reach up and turn on the built-in waterproof mp3 player, which was a last minute add-on to the upgrade; one she was extremely thankful for. She loved her music and having this installation served as a perfect complement to creating a spa like atmosphere; it would now serve to compliment there spontaneous love making.

“Damn Andie,” Tariq crooned as he cupped her chocolate moon, pulling her closer to him. “Mm! You feel so good baby,” he went on, easing long, controlled strokes in and out of her heat.

He was enjoying her tightness as the increased friction enhanced the already good feeling.

“Turn around,” he commanded without warning and pulled out. “I want to look at you. I want to see those beautiful expressions, taste your sweet mouth, and make you stare at me instead of closing your eyes.”

At his request, Andrea was now facing Tariq who now had her pinned against the wall devouring her with kisses rich and passionate. She opened her eyes to meet Tariq’s intense stare and found herself lost in a sea of turbulent emotions; each wave sending her deeper into the squall of ecstasy. Tariq trailed from Andrea’s lips drizzling kisses around her neck and down to her swollen breasts as he continued his migration south and centered himself upon her equator. She looked down at him, smiling with pleasure as he inhaled her fragrance, kissed her petals and tasted her nectar. She shuddered and pushed forward; succumbing the sudden pulse that raced through her loins. Tariq steadied her leg onto the bench allowing him greater access to her seed. A hearty inhale consumed the taut, yet tender flesh that weakened her resolve; sending gale force winds of pleasure to shake Andrea’s core. The intensity of Tariq’s consumption almost breached Andrea’s stability, but she quickly adjusted and continued to yield.

“I…Can’t…I…Ahh…Tari…” Andrea struggled to speak; the oral assault impeding her ability to speak. “I’m. OH.MY.Gggg,” Andrea grabbed Tariq’s head. “I’m comm. I’m c.C.Comm,” the words gave way to moaning.

Tariq continued without impunity until he’d rendered Andrea a gasping and weakened semblance of the woman who’d first stepped into the shower.

“You good babe?” Tariq asked as he pulled Andrea from the tiles to the bench, “I can do it again if it wasn’t enough,” he winked and kissed her nose. Andrea swatted at him. “What’s that about?” Tariq sat beside Andrea; caressing her side of her face.

Andrea inhaled and sighed loudly, “you don’t play nice,” she gently pushed him, “damn man!”

Tariq laughed, “just wanted to give you what I’ve spent the entire ride here thinking about,” Tariq licked his lips tasting the residue of Andrea’s nectar. “You tasted…”

“Better than the food I’ve probably ruined,” Andrea interrupted. She stood up and quickly sat back down. “Wait, what about you?” She asked, pointing.

“Oh, Andie,” Tariq replied, “Don’t worry about that baby. We’ve got the rest of the night and weekend. How about we shower for real, eat, and let the night go at its own pace?” Tariq pulled Andrea to her feet and walked her toward the shower head and began lathering her, which was reciprocated with careful attention not to linger in any one place.

Once showered and dressed, Tariq and Andrea made their way downstairs to the kitchen. Andrea poured wine and they toasted themselves before Andrea busied herself with the food. Fortunately it wasn’t ruined, but was certainly stone cold. After making the necessary adjustments, reheating, and other preparations, dinner was ready and plated. They moved from the kitchen to the dining nook where candle were lit, background music turned on, and grace was said. Dinner was eaten quickly and ferociously with seconds had and still room for dessert. Andrea removed the pineapple upside down cake from the oven, cut big pieces, and topped them with homemade whipped cream and returned to the table.

“Mmm! You went all out,” Tariq complimented, forking a big chunk in his mouth. “Dinner was excellent and now this? Girl, you’re gonna have me weighted up before I leave here,” he went on between now smaller bites.

Andrea blushed and smiled. “Just doing what I love. I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Andrea replied, now eating her slice of cake. “I just went grocery shopping, so write whatever you want me to cook on the white board and I’ll make it,” Andrea reached for Tariq’s hand.

Tariq took and raised it to his mouth kissing her knuckles. “You know you don’t have to do all that Andie,” he informed, “I’m not here to make you my personal chef ya know?!” He went on.

“I know, but I don’t mind and it sure beats cooking for one or cooking and giving plates of food away,” Andrea grimaced. “The crew comes over, but they don’t really care what’s on the menu, so it’s not personalized. At least with you making suggestions, I can cook specific meals. Deal?”

“Deal!” Tariq turned their hand holding into a handshake. “But, you know I have to take you out at least once before I head back,” Tariq insisted.

“Whatever you like love,” Andrea paused, “speaking of you heading back, have you decided how long you’re staying this time?”

A sudden dread hit Andrea. She always knew their time together had an expiration date, but she hoped this time would at least be longer than the last visit. After initially giving a long distance relationship a try, Andrea realized it was too much for her. Between their geography impeding regular quality time, they each travelled for work, which was a blessing in some ways as they’d meet each other on the road, but after a while it took a toll emotionally. Lonely nights, events spent with their go-to platonic friends instead of each other, or simply the questions from friends about their status became too much to deal with, so they broke things off. They remained friends and in touch, which gave each other some comfort, but after Tariq’s last visit; though work-related, they realized how much they truly missed each other and mutually decided they’d find ways to make it work.

© Blu Jewel 2012

Sensibility Lost…Part III

Here’s another installment in this novella. I thought this would be the last installment, but it seems to have formed an energy of it’s own, so I’m going with it…

Tariq shook his head as he slowly regained his composure. Andrea was stirring from her rather uncomfortable position in the foot well of the car. She reached for Tariq’s extended hand and he pulled her on top of him.

“Uhm?” He paused, “what just happened?” Tariq flashed his award winning you-can’t-resist-me smile.

Andrea blushed and buried her head into the side of Tariq’s neck.

“Sensibility lost!” She whispered, saying nothing more.

Tariq angled himself in an attempt to see Andrea’s face, but she buried it deeper; fighting him.

“Aww! C’mon Andie, there’s no need for that,” Tariq comforted, “look at me. Please?” Tariq smoothed his hand over Andrea’s disheveled hair. “Trust me, I’m not complaining.” He reassured.

Andrea let out a loud sigh and slowly lifted her head; cautiously looking Tariq in the eye.

“I said, sensibility lost”.

“Okay. What does it mean?”

Andrea fought her combined annoyance and embarrassment by kissing Tariq tenderly on his dampened cheek and let out another; more subdued sigh and struggled to explain.

“It’s been how long since we’ve seen each other?” She asked, not really expecting an answer, “too long.” Andrea forced herself back into the driver’s seat. “I’ve been celibate since and…well, you know how it gets”. Tariq nodded in agreement. “I didn’t plan this. I thought I could…” Andrea’s voice trailed off.

Her throat was dry in spite of its prior lubrication, her jaw ached, and she was starting to feel a bit vulnerable. She began reaching for her clothes and Tariq followed suit. He turned Andrea’s face to his, giving her a reassuring smile and quick kiss on her lips.

“Andie, it’s cool. I understand…TRUST ME!” Tariq punctuated. “Don’t you think I felt the same?”

Andrea nodded. “But here? In public? In a car?”

Tariq knew Andrea didn’t want it to be like this, not after their wait. The canceled plans had been torture on them both. The calls and texts were only teasers; verbal foreplay leading to sex that didn’t happen and masturbation being their only mutual outlets. He knew. He understood what she was feeling, but it didn’t’ need to be said – He knew she knew he felt it too. They’d talked about what they’d like it to be like when they finally saw each other. They’d reminisced on the times shared in the past and this was a far cry from each of their previous times, but it didn’t take away from their closeness. An impulsive and spontaneous rendezvous could only enhance their relationship; they were too much in love for it to hurt it.

Now dressed, parched, and thoroughly hungry, Andrea cranked the engine and prepared to head home.

“Before you pull off,” Tariq gently said, “we’re good Andie; real good”, he rubbed her arm. “Don’t let this dampen our weekend.”

Andrea choked back the lump in her throat. “I’m sorry I lost it. I wanted to candles, music, and the romance. I should’ve…”

Tariq cut her off. “You did what you did and it was great. It’s a part of you I’ve never seen and I like it”, he smiled. “You’ll get everything you hoped and planned for; don’t doubt that. Just consider it before the foreplay.” Tariq winked and gave Andrea a devilish grin.

“You’re so bad!” Andrea backhanded him and actually pulled out of the lot.

They arrived within five minutes and entered Andrea’s house. It was dimly lit and the fragrant smell of jasmine rice wafted through the air. Andrea left the rice cooker to prepare the rice and she’d already prepared the coconut tamarind fish and shrimp along with the veggies that she’d prepped and just needed sautéing.

“Mmm! Smells heavenly in here”, Tariq complimented as he placed his bag at the foot of the stairs and walked toward the kitchen. “Can’t wait to dig in”, he went on, rubbing his stomach. “Maybe we should wash up first though?” He grinned pulling Andrea out of the kitchen.

She reluctantly followed fearing the idea of them being naked again might delay dinner even further, but it was a chance she was willing to take. She was sticky and a little achy so the thought of hot water cascading down upon her was as erotic as seeing Tariq in his chocolate splendor standing before her.

“Still like it hot?” Tariq called out from the bathroom. “No pun intended,” he laughed; catching the double entendre.

“Yes, that will never change,” Andrea replied as she sauntered into the bedroom; leaving her clothes in a pile on the floor. “Just a shower okay?” She added cautiously.

Andrea didn’t want dinner to wait much longer and she was more than hungry. Nerves had prevented her from eating earlier and now it was much later than her usual dinner time. It was hard her to even concentrate as she soaked in Tariq’s stature. His six plus foot frame was defined, but without being overly so. Andrea liked that Tariq wasn’t a testosterone fiend who had to be in the gym almost daily; he worked out enough to stay fit and healthy. His closely cut hair, just shy of being bald and his oh, so sexy goatee complimented his entire facial features, but his mind; that beautiful mind sealed him as an entire package. Their connection, the pull, the easy ebb and flow was everything Andrea didn’t know she needed when they reconnected and it was the thing that kept them together even when they were apart. Kindred spirits is what Tariq called them; Andrea didn’t disagree. She got used to their being apart when they were, but was on pins and needles any time they planned to see each other. They weren’t officially a couple, but they were certainly more than friends.

“Earth to Andie!” Tariq called out. “Water’s ready. It’s been ready,” Tariq dragged Andrea into the shower. “I’m starving woman, let’s get cleaned up and get to the kitchen.”

“Hey! Don’t touch me like that,” Andrea swatted Tariq’s hand. “We’ll never eat if you don’t stop playing around”, Andrea giggled.

Despite Andrea’s protests, Tariq didn’t stop; he wouldn’t stop. He kissed the back of her neck while fondling her breasts, causing soft moans, which led to deeper moans as Tariq’s freed one her breasts and slid his hand between her legs. Andrea ground her butt against the hard on that she’d been trying to ignore from the moment they got in the shower. Pulsing water cascaded upon both of them heightening and complimenting the heat they were already emitting. Tariq eased Andrea against the wall and positioned her for entry.

©Blu Jewel 2012

Sensibility Lost…Part II

Here’s installment 2. DISCLAIMER: It’s R-rated, so I don’t recommend it being read at work unless you’ve got amazing control of your physical reactions. With that out the way, here you go you naughty readers…

Andrea and Tariq finally withdrew from each other’s arms and stared with intimate knowledge at each other. The palpable sexual tension soared like flames in a five-alarm fire and if they didn’t get out of the parking lot and into the car, they’d soon be arrested for lewd behavior and or public indecency. Tariq picked up his bag, wrapped his arm around Andrea’s waist and they strolled; rather floated toward her car. With the bagged stowed on the back seat and each seated and fastened in, Andrea started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot. Tariq rubbed his hand up and down Andrea’s thigh as he smiled and stared at her profile while Andrea tried to intently stare at the road ahead. At the stop sign, Andrea glanced over at Tariq whose smooth complexion glowed under the street light further enhancing his handsome features. Before Andrea could turn away Tariq caught her stare.

“Whatcha thinkin’ Andie?”

Andrea sighed. She loved when he called her Andie. It wasn’t so much that no one else called her that; it was simply that way Tariq said it. There was extra emphasis on the A and a soft flow on the rest of letters. Andrea felt her stomach quiver and a familiarly intense pulse between her legs.

“Nothing really.” She casually replied knowing full well it was a lie.

It was a lie indeed and Tariq knew it, but went along with her denial.

“Okay.” He stated. “So, how was your day? You sounded a bit distracted when we spoke earlier. “He went on.

“Distracted?” Andrea thought. “How could I not be? “ She continued her mental dialogue.

“Yea, it was a bit hectic for me work wise; couldn’t wait to be done today.” Andrea finally responded as she continued toward home, which somehow seemed like a million miles away.

Tariq smiled to himself and Andrea saw it out the corner of her eye. She was doing everything in her power not to make eye contact. Those sexy eyes that invited and captivated her; rendering her helpless whenever he looked at her. It wasn’t even a simple as him just looking at her; it felt like he was looking within her. An involuntary sigh escaped her mouth without and she immediately felt her will dissipate as Tariq looked her way.

“You okay Andie?” Tariq inquired; his hand rubbing her thigh again. “Tired?”

“No. I’m not tired. Well, not physically anyway. I…” Andrea stopped mid thought.

Before Tariq could ask another question, Andrea pulled the car off the road and into a semi vacant lot, which to her benefit was poorly lit. Tariq turned to face her and before he could get a word out, Andrea unfastened her seat belt and was practically on top of him. Responding on adrenaline, impulse, and overwhelming desire, Tariq unfastened his belt, dropped his seat backward making Andrea fall hard onto his chest. Slightly winded, but without care, Tariq returned Andrea’s fiery kisses as his ran his hands across her face, through her hair, and the back of her neck. Inaudible sounds escaped their mouths between breathtaking kisses that erupted with volcanic intensity.

“Damn, I missed you!” Andrea managed to breathe trailing kisses down Tariq’s neck and in his ear. “I’m so…” Pause…”Glad…mmm…” Laboured breaths…”Glad, you could…” Sigh. “Finally make…” More kisses. “Make it…” Heavy breathing and erratic touching filled in for what Andrea couldn’t put into words.

Tariq responded to Andrea’s kissing and touching with increased need and was soon pulling furiously at the buttons on her blouse trying desperately not to pop them, but his patience was waning in the effort. Andrea’s errant desire and unbridled fury took over the attempt to remove her blouse and she magically removed it in a stealthy and sweeping motion; tossing it in one fell swoop. Her breasts feel against Tariq’s face and he immediately removed them from their apparent hostage situation taking one nipple into his mouth and into his hand the other. Throaty moans pierced the steamy air as Andrea yielded to the fire now unleashed. With careful effort not to give way to too much non contact, Tariq tugged at his shirt loosening it from his waist band and with wanton abandon ripped it open revealing his chiseled stomach and pressed it upward against Andrea’s skin.

“Oh fuck!” Andrea gasped as she felt the combined heat of their bodies ignite. “It feels even better than when we…”

Tariq silenced her with a kiss as he inhaled her mouth into his. There was no turning back now. Reckless abandon had won and they were slaves to its power. Fevered kisses devoured exposed skin. Hands grasped exposed body parts and the remaining clothes were a major hindrance. Andrea wrestled angrily with the buckle preventing her access and as she won the war with it; continued her mission to rid herself of any and all barriers. Tariq pushed her up and slightly backward as he helped out. While he was contorting his body to the limited space, Andrea was doing the same and managed to remove her jeans and thong all in one. Tariq paused for a moment to study the vision before him. Andrea’s silhouette shadow danced in the limited light, but it was enough for him to know she was even more defined than before. He licked his lips and he traced his hands down her sides; feeling the sexy contours of her stomach, hips, and thighs.

“Whew girl…Dayum”. Tariq complimented. “This is what I’ve been missing?” He continued reading her like Braille. “You are so beautiful. Uhmm! Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get to you.” Tariq teased his fingers against the soft and smooth mound of flesh that was begging for his touch. “Someone’s happy to see me,” he continued; his finger gingerly sliding lower.

“Ahhh…mmm…” Andrea struggled to hold on.

Tariq’s touch was sending her into the abyss, but she held on as she remembered his erection and caressed it with matching strokes. His body shook and weakened as her feather like touch.

“I think he missed me”, she playfully stated.

“He did, but not more than me.” Tariq confirmed.

The kissing and touching continued and the limited space was no match for the magnitude of their need. Andrea found a way to release herself from Tariq’s semi orgasmic touch and utilized her flexibility to fit into the space in front of him; taking his swollen, throbbing hard on into her mouth.

“OH.MY.GGGOD!!!” Tariq’s word pierced the air. “What the…? Got damn! Shit!” The succession of excitement heightened with his suck.

“A…And…Oh…Oh…Shit! AAAnndd.”

Tariq’s word spewed like a dam broke and each erotic confirmation of his pleasure brought Andrea closer to the brink.

“Mmmm! Oh my…” Andrea responded between a suck and trailed off again centering her full attention back to the deed at hand.

Tariq’s head banged against the head rest as he felt the waves rise upward. Andrea continued her merciless attack on his beyond swollen hard on and her moaning was so erotic he didn’t trust himself to hold back much longer. Andrea rubbed her hand against her bulging clit; shuddering under her own touch. Using her own moisture she stroked herself as she refused to relent from the mutual and unforgiving tsunami forcing its way into her single point of pleasure.

In a symbiotic melody, they played their pleasure in the key of C and as the melody reached the bridge, Tariq grabbed Andrea’s head and held on with any remaining strength he had.

“AAAAAAnnnnnddddiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!” Tariq hollered as his body climaxed.

Andrea drank in every drop of nectar that flowed. Not releasing her oral grip, Andrea slid her fingers into herself and freed her body from restraint. Her body shook and she released her jaw and fell helplessly into the cramped space at Tariq’s feet. Neither said a word as their heavy laden and hiccupped breaths echoed within the car.

© Blu Jewel 2012

Sensibility Lost…Part I

I had a moment and this is what came out…It’s not complete; I’ll get to that, but I wanted to post something today, so here’s what I’ve got so far…

In the 10 minutes it took Andrea to arrive at the train station, she’d experienced a plethora of emotions that almost made her wish for a Xanax; the “keeps me off the ledge” magic pill her best friend Millie swore by. She knew she’d be excited to see Tariq, but the weight of her anxiousness felt more like a cloak of armour than a sigh of relief for their schedules finally syncing. Andrea and Tariq had been trying for months to see each other, only to have their plans and confirmations aborted by one thing or another, but today it was actually and finally happening.

Andrea pulled into the station, took a deep breath, and exhaled audibly. She looked at herself in the rearview mirror unsure of what she’d see looking back at her. Surprisingly, her minimal makeup was still intact, her eyes sparkled, and the heat she felt rising within her hadn’t manifested into beads of sweat on her nose and forehead. Pleased that she didn’t look a mess, Andrea jumped out the car to give herself a quick once over. She sniffed herself and the Hypnose perfume clung delicately to her skin. Her armpits hadn’t sprung a leak and dampened her fitted blouse and the form-flattering low-rise; hip hugging jeans punctuated her femininity. She got back into her car and toyed with the radio stations trying to soothe nerves as she sipped the cool water she’d almost forgotten was sitting in the cup holder.

“Three more minutes”, she whispered to no one.

The sound of the train whistled in the distance signaling it eminent arrival. Andrea took another deep breath, exhaled slowly, and swallowed the last of the water.

“This is it kiddo! The moment you’ve been waiting for…” Andrea paused. “Don’t spaz! Don’t spaz!”

The ground rumbled gently and the whistle blew again as the train neared its approach. A sudden wave of anxiety erupted from Andrea’s stomach to her head causing a moments panic, but she maintained her composure as the train stopped at the platform. She watched as the passengers exited the train and there he was in all his handsome regalia. His head was down as he fumbled with his phone, not realizing he was within a few feet of her. Suddenly he looked up and the smile that erupted from his smooth, chocolate face could have dimmed the overhead lighting. Andrea received and returned his smile with a complimentary one of her own.

“Miss Andrea Phillips!” Tariq’s quiet storm, radio personality voice broke the silence and she all but swooned as he pulled her into a warm and lasting embrace.

“Mmmm!” Was about all Andrea could muster for the moment; losing herself in his strong arms.
Tariq eased out of their embrace and stared her down from head to toe and toe to head.

“Damn girl! Could you look any better?” Tariq complimented making Andrea blush.

Andrea smiled again and after finally finding her voice said,
“Mr. Tariq Anderson, is this really you? Pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming this.”

Andrea stared at Tariq shaking her head in disbelief.

Instead of pinching her, Tariq took a step closer, stared Andrea in her eyes and cupped her face in his hands; and before Andrea could even piece what was happening together, Tariq’s mouth covered hers and they were lip locked in a passionate kiss. Heaven’s gate opened, Angels sang, and Andrea felt herself being swept off her firmly planted feet. Erratic thoughts raced through her mind as she could do nothing more than wrapped her arms around Tariq’s neck and kiss him like he was the thaw that melted the snow. Her body radiated the quelled abated passionate she’d been carrying. After what seemed like an eternity later, they broke the kiss. Andrea looked up into Tariq’s eyes trying to communicate everything she found herself unable to say. He heard her and pulled her into another kiss ignorant to the people passing by and the snide remarks of “get a room” from a smart mouthed kid.

© 2012 Blu Jewel

Bama of the week…

I came across this photo of Usher and all I could do was think

1) where did you get that ugly suit from?

2) why does it look so oddly tight?

3) the colour does not look good on you

4) and the most thought provoking of all…why do you look so dirty, disheveled, and in need of some serious/better grooming?

I understand GQ, Tom Ford, Armani, or some other designer or magazine may have sanctioned the look as the current “What’s Hot”, but to me it’s a clear case of “What’s Not”.  Usher is my Bama of the Week.

Sidenote…If you’re new to my blog, contain yourselves from judging me and remember this is MY blog and I can and will say what the heck I want in it and unless otherwise cited, the content herein; is solely my opinion.  I will not conform to the masses and I don’t blindly follow things, people, and/or trends like I’m a mindless sheep.

That is all!

Top Ten List

This is not an original idea and I give credit to Don since this where it came from. Don and I have been Blog Family for years and he’s definitely and consistently been one of my favourites over the years. His Likes/Dislikes list has always been one of the things I enjoyed reading and from time to time, it’s inspired me to create some of my own.

Here’s what I like/dislike at the moment…

Unwavering faith
Sunday mornings where for for just a little while; only he and I exist
Being in an emotionally strong place
Knowing Lil Lady has listened to the things I’ve said over the years
Fulfilling my desire of being a good mentor/role model
Simply not giving a f*ck sometimes
Pushing myself; in spite of myself
Refusing to be what someone else wants me to be
True/lasting friendships
Knowing when to walk away or let go

The unnecessary and hypocritical attacks on the POTUS
Needy and toxic/drama filled people
How most young men/women do not value themselves
Virtual vs real life connections
The decline of the black family/community
Squandered opportunities
Quantity vs. Quality

That is all!