Let them go!

This is something so many of us have a hard time with and it’s a life lesson that doesn’t require any requisites to learn. It simply is what it is. It doesn’t make you a bad person; it makes you a good person who learned some people are bad for you.

We have to stop setting ourselves up for failure but trying to make more than what they are or who’ve they’ve presented them to be; in this case; a deficit. There is no justifiable reason for us to care or continue to invest where we should be making withdrawals or canceling love/life accounts.

It’s inventory time again. Take a good look at your relationship; platonic or intimate, portfolio and see what yeilds your getting and make the necessary adjustments. Life’s too short to live it with the wrong people in your life.

That is all!

4 thoughts on “Let them go!

  1. This is true BluJewel, but I would certainly hate to give up on anyone that I cared about prematurely.

  2. Yes indeed some people leave you in the red so if you think thats about to happen fix it. Point is those who matter and care about me will always be there come rain or shine and for those that are just passing through they simply pass into your life and OUT.

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