Ahh! The sweet sigh of relief

After a spending the past 2-3 weeks working through abuse, trauma, hurt, anger and frustration in its various forms/stages, I’m happy to announce that the view from the higher elevation of lifes mountain has presented a magnificent skyline. My girlfriend who has navigating her way through back to back drama is coming out victorious and I have pushed myself to an emotional highpoint I wasn’t sure I’d achieve.

She has closed doors, cleaned house; literally and metaphorically; and has reclaimed the woman and adult that she is and now feels better purposed and possess a refreshed and renewed outlook on her life. My heart warmed at the information she’s shared and I know there is a plethora of blessings waiting to rain down upon her from heavens clouds. Through her own ordeal, she was able to set aside time to encourage and nourish my soul/spirit in order for me to come to my own point of cleansing, which I achieved this weekend.

I spoke up on some issues that had rooted themselves into my phyche and were reaking havoc on my emotional integrity and the way I was viewing my relationship. I knew I had to heed my own words and perform my full disclosure regardless of how uncomfortable it may make either of us feel. Well, everything I said was received well, with keen interest, and yielded favourable results. We’ve come to a much better and stronger place as a result and can now move on without this hanging over our respective heads. Lesson being; we can’t fault someone for something we do not disclose.

So, here I sit with a huge smile on my face knowing that another trial has become a triumph and a problem shared became a problem; not only halved, but resolved.

That is all!

6 thoughts on “Ahh! The sweet sigh of relief

  1. As new parents, we used to cry out for the instruction manual. As a blooming “older wiser” woman, I cry out for the same. LOL I am convinced now, more than ever, that the true blessing is in the journey and not the destination. You’re a blessing on my journey…

    • And you, my dear are likewise the same for me. We’ve traveled many a journey, navigated terrains many would shy away from, and somehow we’ve come out better/stronger for it all. The view from our veranda on the hilltop is looking a little more clearer now. {hugs} šŸ™‚

  2. Real friends are far and few so for those that have our backs we can say lord thank you for my guardian angel!!

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