Order my steps

In the journey of life, we always think we know exactly where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. We create our mental map and set forth on our course armed with what we think will be the tools and resources in order to get there. The sad fact is; most of us do not consider the detours, roadblocks, construction, or other deviants along the route. Depending on our resourcefulness and ability to adapt, we’re typically left feeling a little spent at the unexpected retoute and find ourselves seeking alternatives within ourselves. While most of us are well armed, we tend to forgot that our ways are not always the right way and the detour is sometimes God calling us and showing us there is more to the journey than what we planned it to be.

I’ve been on such a journey in life and found myself ill-prepared for how long I’d be off course in spite of how well I thought I was strong enough, well prepared, of even faithful. During that time, I had to take back roads, be rerouted, and sometimes simply stuck in lifes traffic in order to consider my surroundings, the people along the way, and even to simply enjoy the scenery. The journey came with what seemed like too many routes through the valley instead of being able to move uphill, but I remained diligent that I could and would emerge triumphant…I did. I learned to let go and let God; not in just the saying of the words, but truly believing in the word. I would say in with meaning and emphasis as I mentally recalled the Footprints poem;  moreso the part where the footprints went from two sets to one. I took comfort in that recollection and began to ask God to “order my steps”. I learned the lyrics to the song and would sing it when words failed me.

I’m out of the valley and cruising on the high road now, but I don’t take the journey for granted. I still ask God to order my steps; especially when I feel a little overwhelmed or have a decision to make. I lean and rest in His footprints knowing and trusting that I’ll be put in the right direction.

So, as I feel myself moving in yet another direction in life, I remain confident that where I’m going is exactly where HE wants me to be and not necessarily where I think I should be.

Wherever you’re going in life, ask God to order your steps and safe travels.

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6 thoughts on “Order my steps

  1. I’m don’t believe in God but this doesn’t detract from the message of your post and this strongly resonates. May your life travels remain safe and fruitful

  2. Nice post.

    I remember years ago listening to Richard Pryor doing a standup routine. During his standup he said that he had gone out to a bar and gotten drunk and on his way home from a dark alley he heard the voice of God. However, he said that he did not venture towards that dark alley because it might not have actually been the voice of God, but two or three niggas with a baseball bat.

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