Sexpeditiously – Part 2

Without warning, I snatched her up and positioned her on top of my still-hard dick and bounced her up and down watching her ample titties dance. She held them and began licking her nipples in turn. I felt her clamp down on my dick as the tingles made their way down to her middle. She continued to bounce and swallow me and I reached over for Dex. I set the vibration on a low buzz and used it to tease her clit. Each time I knew she was close, I pulled it away and let her marinate in the residual buzz I knew she was feeling.

You bastard!” She screamed in fake anger. “You know I was right there. Put it back.” She demanded and made an evil face.

It got me off to tease her like that and hear her moan and beg. “Fuck me harder and it’s yours,” I countered.

She leaned back and forced herself harder onto me and I could my dick glistening from her sheen. The harder she bucked, the higher I let the buzz get until she was writhing and screaming when her pussy released. I watched the white liquid drip down on me. I was close to nutting, but wanted to hold it back a little longer, so I turned her around and plunged into her from the back. I spanked her ass and pulled it into my waist with each thrust. She reached under me and rolled my balls in her hand knowing it was only gonna take a little more to make me come. I let go of her one of her ass cheeks and slid the finger from one hand into her anus and rolled her clit with the other hand as I free fucked her into another screaming orgasm, which soon matched the one I had.

I released my hold and let her collapse on the bed as I collapsed next to her. We laid there gasping; wet and sticky allowing our bodies to recover for a while. But it wasn’t too much longer that we were at it again and this time I slid into her slowly as she lay on her back holding her pussy open for me to enter. Damn! It was pretty too; all wet and shiny, and smelling musky in that sexual way. I took a long drag on that bulging clit before I entered her again. This time I slowed down the pace and felt the warmth of her long brown legs wrapped around my thick waist. She followed my rhythm as I set the pace for more sensual slaying.

You know you’re gonna get my black ass fired one day?” I whispered.

Doubt it lover. You know I got you,” she whispered back knowing that when she spoke all low into my ear like that, I was mush.

I lifted her legs up to my shoulders and dove even further into her middle. I leaned up so I could watch those expressions she makes when we’re at it.

Damn, you are too fucking fine and sexy!” She had me with the tongue ring and how she was using to suck my nipples. “Just cause you’re the bosses daughter, don’t mean you have save my black ass.” I struggled to speak as the multiple sensations wracked through my body.

She bore into me and ran her nails down my spine. “Yes, it does. You know the princess gets whatever she wants.” She grinned deviously.

And she was damn sure right about that, cause I gave in every single fucking time she called and daddy was so loving to his baby girl that it kept my ass employed even when I was fucking her instead of doing my job. Maybe mom’s was putting the pussy slain like her daughter and he knew what it was like to yield to a weakness.

Then with that thought resting in my head, I finished riding that pussy into the darkness and forgot all about where I was a little while ago.

©BluJewel 2012

6 thoughts on “Sexpeditiously – Part 2

  1. Damn blu! black erotique! one hell of a written and a brilliant perspective switch! had to double check for a minute (yes she’s a lady 🙂

    more grease to your writing elbow me lady

  2. Doooofffff the egale has landed serendipity bravo the reader is blown away by the intensity and imagination!!

  3. I reach the ending of the story and suddenly realize there’s a Part I which is just as mentally orgasmic. Now, right before I lay down besides my woman tonight, I’ll be trying to recreate this entire scene. Lol.

    Black erotica, at its finished.

    Loved it, Blu.

    • That’s too funny Don, but I’m happy you went back to read it and enjoyed it in its entirety. Man, you’re gonna have quite a night if you keep the imagery of this story while in your bedroom. Naughty! Naughty! But I like it! 😉

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