Sexpeditiously – Part 1

When your woman calls you and tells you, “I’m so fucking hot that my pussy feels like someone left a match in it”; you don’t waste any time in getting to her. The fact that she couldn’t have picked the worse time to be that horny and want me that badly, didn’t prevent me from needing to get to her. I got my boy at the 9-5 to cover for me and I rolled outta there faster than if I’d just hit the lottery. I dipped and dodged through the beginning of rush hour traffic and busted through the door barely pausing to close it. The swift kick damn near banged it off its hinges and I heard the neighbor fussing; but again; who cared? Hot pussy was waiting for me upstairs. I tossed my clothes as I took the stairs two at a time and was damn near naked by the time I hit the room.

Girlfriend was laying up in the bed with Dex; her toy; subbing for me as she watched the latest tape we made. To say we weren’t freaks would be like saying the Pope wasn’t a virgin. But the hell with all that; lemme tell you what happened next.

So, my girl is gyrating and groaning fighting off the orgasm I knew was mounting in that juicy pussy. I dove onto the bed, pulled Dex out, and began sucking that clit like a baby on a tit. I plunged my tongue deep into her and tried to touch her damn cervix with it. She cradled my head and pressed herself into my eager mouth. Loud, porno equivalent moans erupted from the depth of her throat as she released the orgasm she’d been fighting. Being the multi-orgasmic girl she is, she demanded that I put Dex in her ass and suck her again. Naturally, I obliged. More guttural screams perforated the room and she was bucking and drowning me in the tsunami between her legs. When it became more intense that she couldn’t take it, she pushed my head away and did her best to catch her breath.

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!” She announced between breaths. “Now lay that ass up here and gimme that dick cause I’m real hungry right about now,” she continued with that sly look on her face.

My girl slurped and sucked dick like she’s was the Tootsie Pop Champion of the World. I often wondered how I managed to maintain all 8 inches of that shit once she was done with it. And having her tongue pierced added all kinds of unexplainable sensations to the pleasure. Damn, I’m a lucky man. But moving on…

So, I lay on the bed and let her do her thing. She didn’t care that I hadn’t taken a shower since I left this morning and she didn’t care that I was probably a little salty down there; so if she liked it, I loved it. My dick did too as she clacked the ball of her tongue ring against the head and began to suck it ferociously. I bucked and jerked as she curled her tongue, sucked my balls, and blew hot breath on my asshole. She took a little trip further south and tore into some salad too. Well, she did say she was hungry and a brother was just doing his duty by letting her eat. Girlfriend must have been watching some gay porn before watching our latest tape cause she was doing some new shit to my dick, but I wasn’t complaining cause it felt good as hell. I was just about to bust a nut when she slowed her roll and mine too. After she checked my breathing and knew my load was secured, she positioned the anal vibrator right where she knew it would be most effective and began her fury again. This time there was no stopping me and I gave her a lethal dose of my juice that would more than satisfy her hunger. She had to take it in two gulps cause it was a double shot. Girlfriend swallowed hard and looked at me with a devilish grin that would have scared a lesser man. But I was used her and her antics and it merely served to turn me on even more.

©BluJewel 2012

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  1. aaaarrrrrrgggghhhh bloooody hell that was frigging hot I must have blown a gasket before gettibg to the end of this read……now blu if this is just your pussy tease taster then cant wait for seconds great job..

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