Ties That Bind Part 2 – A short story

Sorry for keeping you on the edge of your seat; heres Part 2 – The Finale…

The continued silence is intermittently punctured by sighs and moaning as we continue the labored teenage-like foreplay. She adjusts under me and I feel the heat escape from between her thighs. My erection nears its boiling point and I grind back into her praying I don’t lose it.

“I want to taste you.” Daynah whispered. “Please!” She pleads
Without confirmation, Daynah pushed me backward; removing my shorts in almost one fluid motion; staring at the swollen part of me like she was a snake charmer. Without looking at me, she lowered her head and sucked me into her mouth while exhaling a sigh of relief. Her mouth; feverishly hot felt explicably good as she relieves my yearning while I caress her face as she satiates herself almost forgetting my attachment, but I didn’t care. The feeling was too good; too intense.

“Baaaby.” I cooed. “Mmmm! You’re…Gonna…Make…Me….” And I never got to finish. The tempest rose in me and rushed out like the perfect storm filling her mouth with the molten part of me. She swallowed hard and slowly she eased off me; looking at me with pleading eyes.

I pushed her back down on the couch and pulled her pants off. Her heat escaped like a busted steam pipe as I breathed in her scent; a combination of her delicate lotion and natural fragrance — It was intoxicating. The best high a man could ask for. I can’t say I was rough, but I’m sure I wasn’t gentle either as I forced her thighs apart and thrust my face between them. A massive cry of relief and panic pierced the air as she gave in to her own need. I licked and sucked her into easy submission as she fought and squirmed under my control. I looked up at her, but her eyes were closed, mouth open; lips moving, but saying nothing I could understand. She squeezed her nipples at the entry of my finger and another moan of unintelligible words came out. Her body began to shudder and shake telling on itself as I continued my oral attack.

“Nnnn…Nnnoooo”. She pushed at my head. Heavy pants. “I’m. I’m g…ggonn…Ahhh…I’m co…comm…” Her voice trembled and that’s where she trailed off.

Daynah’s head went back, her back arched, and every ounce of resistance gave way. Her body shuddered and she cringed away as I ran my hands over her damp body. Thinking she had a moment of reprieve, Daynah relaxed into the couch, but her comfort was short lived as I rose up and submerged myself into her; sending her back into the abyss of delirium. I filled her with slow, precise and methodical thrusts as she conformed in every way to me. And then I switched it up; moving fast and then slow and then fast again sending her body into erratic spasms. Eventually, she fell into pattern and we rhythmically paced as we eased into the home stretch. I clutched her harder; tighter; drawing her legs entirely around my waist as she held them steady riding my stroke.

“Now! I’m coming now.” The words sounding direct and commanding.

I felt it too and steadied myself as I thrust deeper; her wetness coating me like a sheath.

“Day…Daynaaaah!” I grunted as the force of everything in me erupting into her.

Daynah closed her eyes and tears seeped down her cheeks as she whimpered. I kissed the tears away; cradling her close to me.
“You okay?” I ask even though I knew she was. Daynah nodded yes.
I repositioned us so her back was to my front and kissed the back of her neck before falling asleep; the warmth of her body being the only blanket I needed.
©BluJewel 2011

4 thoughts on “Ties That Bind Part 2 – A short story

  1. mymymy and an exhilaratingly breath taking climax if I ever felt one the description of that home run got my juices going blimey blu you are a dark horse……..ok you gotta hit me what else you got up those sleeves 😉

  2. blam! blam! blam! I’m feeling the climax (my colleagues are probably wondering what I’m all grinning about).

    really great story. more?

    • Chrome – you’re brave for reading that at work and I’m sure they want a piece of what you were grinning at. Yes, I have more; much more!

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