Ties That Bind Part 1 – A short story

As I promised to ChilledLeo, I’m posting a short story. While I don’t write poems as much as I used to, I still enjoy writing stories in varying lengths. Here’s the most recent one; well, it was written last year, but it’s still recent given I haven’t completed one since. 😉 Enjoy!

The connection between Daynah and me has always been strong; as if we were twins separated at birth. Neither time nor distance or spats large or small could or would break the bond we shared. We’re like a boomerang and while we’ve tossed each other away time and time again, we always come back.

I’d had one of the most frustrating months imaginable. Between working, my kids, their mothers and trying to maintain some semblance of a life; I’d hit the wall. Tired, angry, and frustrated; just to name a few, I got a text message from Daynah. It was simple and struck a nerve like I’d hit my funny bone.

“{{Hugs}}…Thought you could use one :-)”, was all she said.

I stared at the message like it was a winning lottery ticket. She had no idea how much what she’d said brought some much needed sunshine to my otherwise gloomy disposition. I spun the phone around on the table; stopping it every other spin to look at the words and a rush of warmth and yearning crept into my being. I missed the smile I could always see right through to know whether it was real or her trying to hide something. I missed the comforting presence that came whenever she was in my company. I missed the all-knowing way we interacted with each other and the game of cat and mouse we sometimes played; testing the boundaries of our past and current lives. Overall, I just missed her; anything and everything about her. She was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and right now then I felt illuminated.

After several minutes of pondering, contemplating, and thinking, I replied.

“Thanks!” I smile to myself. “Of I can.” I continue; though what I really wanted to say was “You’re always on time”, but I didn’t want her to ask questions or worry about me. She’d had enough on her mind of late and her taking on my typical nonsense was something she didn’t needed; though I knew she’d do it more than willing and with great ease to boot.

“Outstanding!” She replied and I prayed she’d leave it at that.
I went on about my business and then headed to the shower to wash the days stress off me and relax for the rest of the evening as 6:00am was going to come all too soon. As I came out of the bathroom, I heard the familiar chirp indicating a message so I picked up the phone to see another one from her.

“If you feel like talking, I’m not doing anything…”.

I just stared; gob smacked at the phone. How well she knew me. She knows I rarely volunteer what’s going on, but she could always pry it out of me with little or no effort at all, which was another one of the many wonderful attributes she possessed. She never forced me to be vocal and would always wait until I was ready to speak. Sometimes I could be like waiting for cold molasses to pour, but her patience often outweighed said pour and I’d just start talking. It seemed like today she was melting my thaw. I dried off; returning the towel to the bathroom and dressed in shorts and a football jersey. I text back about fifteen minutes later after downing a cold beer and ordering some take out.

“Just one of those days…Weeks. You know how my life goes.” I confess.

“Aww! Sounds like you need more than a hug; more like a mental health break. When’s your next day off?” I could hear her voice in my head sounding full of comfort and worry.

“Not for a few more days…I wish it were tomorrow tho.”

“If it were tomorrow, I’d come over since I’ve taken a few days to myself.”

“Yea? What you gonna do with all that time?” I ask trying to take the focus off myself.

“Not sure. Just use a few days to myself…Think…Relax…Just be. I’m overworked in all areas.”

I sigh deeply as I realize how once again our lives mirror. “And you still have time to worry about me and send hugs?” I inquire; still trying to keep the focus off myself.

A stretch goes by before Daynah answers again and I hear the doorbell signaling the arrival of my food. After paying, I set the food on the table and begin eating; though the food isn’t really hitting the spot; I eat it knowing it’s been too long since my last meal. I down another beer and plop down in the couch clicking on the TV in one fell swoop. I mindlessly channel surf and wonder what’s taking Daynah so long to message back. Nothing really catches my attention and I fall into a daze staring at the screen wishing myself elsewhere doing something far more fun.

I startle to the phone chirping and I grab it off the coffee table.

“Sorry. Had to do something. Feeling any better?”
“Yea.” I lie. “Took a shower, drank a couple beers, and tried to eat something.” The truth.

“Not that I believe you, but ok. So what you doing now?”

I adjust myself on the couch and let out a deep breath. “Trying to find something on TV to watch. No luck.”

Silence again. What the heck is she doing? I think to myself; suddenly realizing I could use some company. With my life and schedule, keeping consistent company is hard and that’s in part what has led me to my current mood; not forgetting all the other drama.
I go upstairs to the bathroom and hear the sound of knocking at the door on my way down. I look at the clock; 9:20 and I wonder who could possibly be out there. I look out the peep hole and see nothing. I contemplate not opening the door as a message to whomever is on the other side that they shouldn’t show up uninvited and unannounced at this hour, but I open it anyway.

“Hi!” She smiles and I stand; blocking the doorway looking like a deer in headlights.

I shake my head slightly as if I’m dusting away cobwebs and step backward into the hallway.

“Surprised?” Daynah asks. “Of course you are!” She giggles. “That was a dumb question.” She comes in, kicks her shoes off and places then beside the door. Meanwhile I’m still standing there saying nothing.

When I finally wake from my reverie, I smile and look at her like she’s the dawning of a new day.

“Uhm? Yea. Plenty surprised.” I say, and realize we’re still standing in the hallway. I motion for her to go ahead of me and follow behind.

In the living room she turns to me and smiles again while outstretching her arms for a hug. I pull her close and am instantly relaxed and relieved. The comfort of her embrace rids me off the residual tension and I’m reluctant to break the bond. Feeling my need, she hugs me longer and grazes a kiss on the side of my neck. Instantly the flames of fury are ignited and I feel it engulf my entire body. I force myself away as I feel my manhood rise and swell within my shorts and hopefully it’s before she feels it against her. She looks at me and smiles a coy, soft smile. A familiar knowing consumes us and before either says another word, we’re locked in each other arms again; our lips sealing any left space between us.

Time stopped, the earth tilted on its axis and nothing else existed. I break the seal only long enough to look deep into her eyes, confirm what she’s not saying and I ease her carefully onto the couch. Our lips meet again and the conversation rambles on wordlessly. The craft of her touch sparks a surge of electricity within and I’m lost in the myriad of feelings she’s elicited. Soft sighs and moans are the only sounds filling the air. Daynah pulls her head from me and stares into my eyes. She opens her mouth to speak, but nothing comes out and she strokes my face. The cool warmth of the touch forces my eyes closed and I drink in every stroke as my face yields its form to her fingertips. I feel her breath easing across my throat and then the tenderness of her kisses renders me further helpless.

“Don’t stop”. I hear myself say a fraction above a whisper.
My eyes still closed, I feel my jersey coming off and then the combined sensation of her hands on my skin and her tongue on my nipple sends me into the cosmos; causing an out of body experience like something you’d read about in books. I suddenly feel the weight of me raised above her give way and I’m once again kissing her like I’m receiving oxygen. Somehow she’s managed herself out of her shirt and I’m staring down at her beautiful full breasts; nipples taut crying out for affection. I take one in my mouth and the other with my hand; forcing out a deep breath from the core of her as she weakens under my mouth and touch. My erection; now pulsing harder within my shorts makes her stir as she begins a slow upward grind into me. Beads of sweat burst onto my forehead and down my spine where her hands are rubbing up and down before centering on my erection. I jump slightly at her touch and for a moment pause to relish in the sensation. Damn!

Part 2 tomorrow…

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  1. hoooooooooot Damnnnnnnnnn blu got me going boiii gotta cool me self down…..am looking forward to part 2 hurry up lol

  2. Hahahaha! You are too much! I’ve got many a story like this. I love writing shorts of all kinds, but I must say (not to toot my own horn) that my erotica/sensual stories are pretty darn good. I like to write where I can create imagery and arouse the reader mentally and physically. I don’t like trashy stories; though I have written a couple that use more graphic language and such.

    Part 2 will be up about the same time this one was

  3. @Chrome…You literally had me LOL at my desk when I read your reply. You are too much and I hope you can make it through the day as you wait for part 2.

  4. loool blu am too much lmfaoooo I’ve been told am trouble now where would any one get an idea like that??…….erotic stories seems we both like writing about the manicured gardens and their lawn mowers hehe 😉

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