From the archives

While parusing through some old files, I came across this poem and decided to make it my post for the day…
Like a river to the ocean, I’m drawn to you
Your call; a silent whisper within the wind
Caressing me into a gentle seduction
Making me weak where I stand…

Upon unfamiliar ground; virgin to this experience
However, still familiar to the pull of attraction
I let down my guard; submitting to
The leap of faith beneath me…

Cushioned for the break of my fall into heaven
Knowing you’re there to receive me
Open arms; open heart; committed to love
Me with every fiber of your being…

Honest and true; giving your all not half
Treating me like the Empress I am
Borne of your missing rib
Created to fill the void in your life…

With joy and laughter, tenderness and passion

©BluJewel 2009


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