Stuff on my mind…

Like many; I’m appalled, angered, and frustrated by the injustice surround the death of Trayvon Martin; however, I’m more appalled, angered, and frustrated by the masses who are now standing up wanting to say/do something; meanwhile they’ve done nothing to thwart the senseless black on black crime

After speaking to a group of young women last week, I’m heartbroken that so many have dealt with and continue to deal with some very painful issues. I’m happy that I’m now in a position to help heal their hurt

We’re ALL in a position to give back to our communities, but many of us aren’t. It doesn’t take a lot of money; just a couple hours of your time to mentor, coach, or listen to our kids…It takes a village people

We all wished we could have hit the recent lottery, but so many of us are already bad with handling finances; imagine the mess that would be further created

Still waters run deep; we need to be mindful of how we treat each other. A hurtful word, a withheld hug, or a simple acknowledgement can make or break someone

Honesty is something so many want, but so few can handle. Would you rather be hated for your honesty or branded a liar?

Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media does not substitute for real human interaction

Memories don’t leave like people do, but sometimes I wish they would

Just because you or your significant other says, “I love you” doesn’t mean you/they’re invested. Know and do better/more

Let’s learn to bare our souls instead of first bearing our clothes in order to connect or feel connected

Your actions do not go unnoticed; someone is always watching

Perform random acts of kindness daily

That is all!

6 thoughts on “Stuff on my mind…

  1. Beautiful! I have nothing more to add but to say that you are absolutely right. It begins with US and ends with US! Human interaction, love, care and true leadership.

  2. Lately I must admit it does seem as though someone is constantly looking over my shoulder. I suppose I’d rather be known for my blatant honesty to answer your question.

  3. Erm Ms. Blu
    I just found you out here…
    At this rate, i will need to friend you on FB just to catch up…
    I have much love for you and your writing…
    Thanks for keeping me very inspired…
    PS; i started again hopefully for a longer time… Check it out!

  4. Hey stranger! Good to know you’re back at it. I left a note on the last post you did a couple of months ago so you’d know how to find me and you did. I will continue to do what I do…Off to check you out…

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