Real and funny conversation with co-worker

The following is an Instant Message conversation I had with a co-worker post having overheard some of his lunch conversation regarding the comment Rush Limbaugh made.

ME: Hi! So, am I a slut?

CW: nice way to start off the morning…first of all, I think women need to take back the word so that it isn’t so negative. Male sluts are heroes. 2) a slut is a sexually promiscuous woman; sleeping around. From what I know of you, that is not you.

ME: No, I am certainly not that. In fact, I was teasing you as I overheard some of your conversation during lunch yesterday and that’s what prompted the message. Sadly, men fail to realize that sex is typically a hetrosexual act that they too participate in, so if they’re sleeping around with a woman who’s sleeping around, they’re equally promiscuous; sluts, and should be equally tagged as such. However, you and I know that there is no true equality and women will always be greater of the two evils. I am sexually liberated in thought and limited practice and feel that women should be and allowed to be free of such negative labeling, but again, this is a male dominated and driven society, which prides itself on demeaning anyone who does not live in conformance to what they deem is appropriate, even though they make themselves hypocrites in the process. If someone wants to deem me a slut, whore, or whatever for my liberal views on sex and the practice thereof, is fine because people will say what they want regardless of what they know for fact or conjecture. Sex within the confines of a relationship is no better or worse than sex outside of one; save for the labeling. But if one has had several relationships over the course of their lives, that tends to equate to sex with each partner, so could that not also deem one a slut or promiscuous? The whole thing should be something that has no merit to politicians. Contraception is necessary for both pregnancy protection and health maintenance. If they’re going to deem contraception immoral for lack of better word and an unnecessary coverage through insurance, then Cialis and it’s counterparts; should likewise not be covered. ED does not prevent a man from urinating; it prevents adequate sexual performance and sex is NOT a health condition. As you can tell, this discussion can go on for days and become rather convoluted.

CW: I was wondering what prompted the question. You were eavesdropping. I like that makes me wonder who else eavesdrops on our lunch conversations

ME: You were louder than you might have thought you were talking

CW: I think if they have a problem with it, they should just write in the insurance contract that they do cover contraception, but not for sluts. Of course, using the conservative definition of ‘an unmarried, sexually active woman.’

ME: riiiight! that’s gonna work

CW: c’mon. if you want to discriminate, then just spell out your discrimination

ME: so that’s tantamount to saying married woman can get contraceptives, but their engaged or in a relationship counterparts can’t.

CW: isn’t that what Georgetown is saying?

ME: semantics will always be used or at least considered, but it’s all bullsh*t

CW: actually, Georgetown, being Catholic, may not want to cover contraceptives at all

ME: well, men on boy sex doesn’t require contraceptives anyway

CW: pills are also much safer than hangers

ME: they are, but STDs can still occur. Sadly, many don’t realize that some are passed orally

CW: true. I agree with you on these principles, but I don’t think the Gubment should be telling insurance companies what they must and must not cover. If you don’t like the insurance, don’t buy it
ME: LOL @ gubment. And you’re right; they should not, but they line the pockets of some of the gubment folk, so they’ll tow the line with them. Not buying the insurance isn’t that easy because we all need coverage and tend to have to opt for the health plan the company we work for provides.

End of conversation. 

My co-worker and I often engage in social discuss where we bounce thoughts and ideas off each other and it’s interesting to have captured this one in writing.  So, what are YOUR thoughts?

That is all!

4 thoughts on “Real and funny conversation with co-worker

  1. Hmmmm, it would seem that you routinely engage in conversation via your office IM that I wouldn’t think to indulge in.

    My office has rules of engagment in regards to communications……..and even blogging (it’s in our employee handbook). However, all that being equal I completely agree with your argument and I would take it a step further, because most insurance companies are ALREADY paying for Viagra. Since contraceptives assist both men and women in curtailing both population growth….and getting their freak on……then what’s the big deal?!?

    There are a couple of friendly neighborhood rednecks in my office that I indulge in these little dialogues with, but I’m always careful to do them verbally. Never know when one of those mofos will go and try to take down that annoying ass “black supervisor” that works upstairs……he’s such a bastard.

    They like saying “gubment” as a ways of imitating the slang our people uses……and yet, there are far more of them partaking of “gubment” programs than there are our people in this country. They never want to deal with that reality……because that would be to admit that it isn’t a “black problem”.

    • The office IM is company provided and therefore approved.

      Typically, CW and I engage in face to face conversation, but he wasn’t at his around at the time and I initiated the conversation via the IM.

      I’ve known for some time that many insurance have been and continue to pay for Viagra and other like pharmaceuticals; meanwhile they’ll not cover contraceptives and have in many instances limited adequate, necessary and appropriate medical coverage for cancer patients; so, instead of them getting 10 treatments, they may only get 7. Makes no sense to me, but then again, I’m not a rich, white man who thinks he has the right to make dictations; pun intended on the appropriate and adequate health coverage for people who are PAYING for it.

      The use of “gubment” is not limited to black or white, it’s in many cases a vernacular or colloquial speech that is pervasive in the south that has migrated north and caught on like a tick of ones back.

      Overall, this is going to be a long standing argument that will last all the way to November where we’ll be anxiously waiting the final outcome of this truly ridiculous issue.

  2. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. The aka “gubment” has been funding these funds since i was a teen and going to “Planned Parenthood” for my rubbers and such. And i thank them, bc, i couldn’t afford them at that time, nor could my parents. We are not sluts, we engage in the most human of all things, intercourse, we breed, we enjoy…but we also have to plan, and no all of the in’s and out’s of our actions. We need to provide for these individuals that don’t have a health plan, otherwise we end up with unwanted babies, and STDS, not to mention those diseases that can wipe us out. What is the problem people? Everybody don’t got it like you, and yet the conservatives want to be the first one’s to say…we ain’t giving you nothing, you “SLUT”. GTFOH!

  3. *clapping wildly* Well said Soul Sister. Like you, I used Planned Parenthood to provide my bc’s when I was younger and didn’t have health coverage or needed a supplemental plan. PP worked and will continue to work when the “gubment” takes its head out its ass and sees that PP spends more money educating its clients and funding BC and not abortions as they like to purport.

    I just had this thought though…Maybe it’s their strategy to have us (minorities, poor, uninsured) to not have adequate coverage so we can birth babies that will not survive due to lack of prenatal care, or they’ll end up in the foster care system where they’ll be abused, grow up dysfunctional, commit crimes, and then end up in the penal system where millions can be made off them. Or…we can infect each other with incurable STDs and essentially commit mass genocide and then they won’t have to deal with us. Ugly thoughts yes, but I may have some odd logic here.

    Finally, like I said, in my previous post; I’ll proudly were my Scarlet Letter as all those orgasms will have been well earned. 😉

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