Facets of Blu

1. Twenty five years ago I was 145lbs and wore a size 10. Today, I’m 10lbs heavier and wear a size 6

2. I’ve aged rather well compared to many of my contemporaries from high school and college; especially the ones who were or thought they were the “it” girls

3. I love harder than I should for someone who’s been so mistreated in the name of love

4. My capacity for enduring adversity astounds me

5. I have a hard time accepting compliments and being excessively flirted with

6. My attention span toward a good looking man wanes in about
10 minutes if he cannot keep me mentally engaged…Himbos (male Bimbo) will not work for me

7. I’m an only child even though I have 11 siblings

8. I’ve been in an international publication, but have never been published in the United States

9. I have a five-year span of my adult life that I cannot recall in its entirety; however, I can recall events from my childhood with vivid clarity

10. In spite of my pseudonym, blue is not one of my favourite colours

11. I am the spitting image of my mother; yet the polar opposite in personality

12. I do not like conformity, but stayed in the military for 20 years

13. I’d rather be in the shadows than the limelight – my future book signings are going to be so crazy

14. I have never publicly, willfully, or with great pleasure disregarded someone until December 2011

15. I have and will always give more credence to my personality than my looks

16. Loyalty is one of my greater character traits and quite easily my biggest flaw

That is all!

10 thoughts on “Facets of Blu

  1. Chele, I wish I could tell you. I was rather stumped by that one. I’ll hazard a guess that I lost fat pounds and shed two jean sizes and gained muscle pounds instead.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. It’s nice to see this kind of insight into who you are.

    By the way, 25 years ago I was 6’1 and I weighed a buck oh five. I’m 80 pounds heavier now and most people see me as thin. I think that’s hilarious.

  3. Great great post loving the list number 3, 4, 6 and 16 just about covers me too……worse bloody thing is to be loyal to certain people and they go shitee on you life huh…….

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