The Faded Jewel Award…

I just came up with an award system for things that grab my attention; be it in my everyday life or in the media. The Faded Jewel Award (FJA) will go to things I deem foolish, inappropriate, or down right dumb and the Sparkling Jewel Award (SJA) will go to anything good, wholesome, and positive. That being established, let’s move on to todays FJA…

I first heard about Whitney Houston being buring in half a mil worth of jewels; all I could do was laugh and shake my head at the absurdity of it. Then I thought, what if some dummy decides to go grave robbing and then I read this article Who’s Protecting Whitney Houston and her Jewels?! and it was like my thoughts materialised.

I swear you can’t even make up dumb ish like this because people can and will always do things that’ll leaving you looking like the RCA dog. (insert head tilt) 😕

If I’ve got $500,000 in jewels, they’re going to my daughter, family members, friends, but certainly not in the gosh darn ground even if my coffin is cement encased. In this day and age, desperate times will inspire desperate measures and nothing or no one is sacred anymore.

Well, there you have it readers, the first FJA goes to the Houston family; no disrespect intended, but you know I’m onto something with this one.

That is all!

4 thoughts on “The Faded Jewel Award…

  1. It could be worse, her family could have buried her ass in the backyard and sold tickets live Elvis’s family did.

    Yeah the jewelry thing is stupid.

  2. Unless the undertakers and funeral home were under constant camera scrutiny, some of the jewels could have very well been lifted before the coffin was sealed. More money than sense is absolutely right.

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