Who cares?

Like many, I watched the Academy Awards. Actually, I can’t say I really “watched” it; I moreso glazed over it from time to time. I don’t really care who won what because I can’t see how it really plays any significant role in my life. Yes, I was pleased that Octavia Spencer received the award for Best Supporting Actress and that Sean Combs received his award for Best Executive Producer for no other reason than they were black. It’s a given white people are going to win, so I guess that’s why my interest is minimal. That aside, my greatest lack of interest is in who wore what. Yes, there were some beautiful dresses worn, but the average woman 1) can’t afford the likes of them, 2) doesn’t have the body to pull off some of them and 3), would have no where to wear one of them. But above and beyond that, I have a hard time taking any kind of ‘Fashion Police’ citations from some of the woman on patrol. Kelly Osbourne with her hair that looked like it was grey and dyed pinkish/purple and the woman, whom for the life of me can’t recall her name (insert, obviously I didn’t care), who looked awful in her dress; who’s hair was a mess, and she could stand to lose a 10-15lbs before she sat their critiquing. That’s tantamount to me listening to Oprah give me advise on my weight. 😕

I get that the Academy Awards is a big deal and is watched globally, but again, who cares? It’s just another event that the hype will outweigh the lasting conversation post event. Save for Cirque de Soliel, which was and always is amazing, I paid little or no attention to much else. Get all primped up is always nice, but when it ends up being fodder for the Fashion Police and the tabloids, it tends to somewhat overshadow the actual event.

I hope that Octavia Spencer can and will secure additional roles and carry on with her acting career. Shout out to Sean Combs and I hope he’ll do more things like Undefeated instead of the crap he pawns off as music. Shout out to the remaining eight; I think there’s a grand total of 10 blacks who’ve received Academy Awards in its 84 year history. It’s my hope other black actors can and will secure roles worthy of their talents being award worthy and maybe then I’ll have more interest in watching in the future.

That is all!

One thought on “Who cares?

  1. You’re one up on me, I didn’t watch the awards show, I never do. Don’t tell anyone, but I did actually see The Help, I didn’t want to. Just like I didn’t want to see Precious, but I sat through both. Both were great movies, don’t get me wrong, but just once it would be nice to see a person of color win an award for a role that isn’t demeaning to people of color.

    I say that, but she deserved the award, she was excellent in the role.

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