Inquiring minds…

Why do people text you during working hours and then seem a little peeved when your reply is delayed?

Why do people feel the need to call your landline; if you have one and then you’re cell; leave messages on both and then when you call back, they say, “I was just calling to say hi and/or check touch base”.

Why do people feel the need to talk really loud on their cell phones and then look at YOU all crazy when you look at them while shaking your head?

Why do people threaten to quit or say, “Then fire me”, when in an argument with their manager knowing they don’t have another gig to fall back on?

If one prefaces a comment with “no offense but…” does it make their inquiry/comment any less offensive?

Why do people get upset when a person comments to Facebook or Blog post when they were the ones who opened the door for rebuttal anyway?

Why do some people feel one should justify why they have a tattoo or piercing?

Why is it some find it easier to believe a stereotype instead of find out the facts for themselves?

Why can’t people understand that not all things are for public consumption?

That is all…For now!

5 thoughts on “Inquiring minds…

  1. I don’t get the text messaging thing either. I love to text, I send thousands a month. But if I haven’t responded to you, in what you consider to be a timely fashion, then there’s a reason why. Maybe I’m busy……and shit?!? Right?!? What’s the big deal………fucking wait.

    I am somewhat fascinated by tattoos……..but only attractive ones. I don’t like the ones that look like someone drew on you with a green crayon, those suck. By the way, I don’t have any tattoos.

    The piercing thing…….it eludes me. Particularly if a nipple is pierced. When that happens……..I’m just wondering why?!? A woman’s breast is the single most beautiful thing in the universe, you can’t improve on it with metal or paint.

    • It’s good to know I’m not the only one who feels that people can and should simply wait or understand a delay. Sadly, with texts, emails, and even Facebook, society has taken the instant need gratification to a new high and people truly to expect you to respond NOW when they make contact.

      Tattoos are awesome; though I do wonder about some that people get, but it’s their perogative and they have to wear it not me. Mine are all symbolic and a lot of thought and for some; creativity went into them. The ones that look like a crayon are called Prison Tats or Prison Ink, because the inmates tend to be limited to to what they can find to create the tat.

      Piercings can be fun and creative too. Again, there are some I question, but I respect the bravery that goes into getting them; those strategically placed ones.

  2. I have an issue with the unecessary shouting whilst on the phone too no need for it….there should be ASBO’s applied to people who carry on with that foolishness lool.

    As for facebook am on there and most post my fav tunes or the odd comment. Then you have some that talk about everything down to their toilet bowl. Heck like thats really soo important smh…speaking of fb blu you gotta check out a blog called stfu parents (shut the fuck up parents) hilarious stuff 😉

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