Thoughts on things I’ve been thinking…

Why is it that people make the assumption that because I’ve dated outside of my race, I’m comfortable in non-black situations?  Truth be told, I’m often rather uncomfortable because depending on the social interactions and knowledge that particular group of white people have been in with blacks; I, for the most part may have little or nothing in common with them.  

In some instances, when a white person sees me; as one did this past Sunday; I got the side eye during the introduction, but the minute I open my mouth and they realize I’m English, I suddenly become an acceptable black woman.  Talk about judging a book by its cover.  But that aside, my nationality shouldn’t deem me more or less acceptable; it’s who I am as a person that should dictate. 

Since wearing my hair natural, I’ve noticed men are paying more attention to me when I’m out and about.  I’m not sure what that’s all about, but it makes me wonder if men are tired of the weaves, braids, etc, and are starting to embrace black women in their true and natural state?  As India.Arie says though, “I am not my hair”.

I was at a ‘Girls Night In’ Pedi Party and social get-together and I joked to the girl doing my feet that “while they may not be the most attractive, they’re clean, neat, and well taken care of”, which led to a conversation about feet with another guest at the party.  I told her that years of wearing steel-toe military boots put a hurting on my toes, leaving them in a state that most deem unattractive.  We then spoke of the Boomerang reference where Eddie Murphy’s character deemed a woman’s beauty on her feet.  I laughed and said, “is he having sex with my feet or my cooch?”  She laughed and agreed that one body part has no bearing on another.  I wonder how many men really give a damn about a woman’s foot while he’s having sex with her.

 Why are those who have nothing to bring to the table always the ones who want the most?  You can’t want a man/woman to have this or that if you have nothing to offer.  Reciprocity is real and it’s necessary.

That is all…for now!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on things I’ve been thinking…

  1. You had an opportunity here…… should have posted a picture of your hoof. At least once a year I write a post about women’s hooves. I’m thinking I’ll do that in the next couple of weeks. If you’re feeling good about your hooves send me a picture and I’ll post and highlight it in my blog…………..serious.

    • Hoof Reggie? I wouldn’t go that far. lol! My feet may not be the most attractive, but they certainly aren’t hideous. I’ll think about sending a pic.

  2. Reciprocity is so real.

    Not once had I thought about what a woman toes look like while having sex. Any man concerned with a woman’s toes while he is deep inside of her don’t have a problem with her feet, more than likely it’s the sex itself, since he can’t stay focused. Lol.

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