Creative Housekeeping/Service Exchanges

As a mother and woman who strives to make a dollar out 15 cents, I’ve found some creative ways to use or repurpose products and items used in our daily lives.  I also make the most out of dining out.  The following are some suggestions for you to use or consider:

Baby wipes instead of eye makeup remover pads – Any unscented brand will do.  They come in large containers, are cheaper, and equally useful in removing eye makeup.  You use them in the same fashion you would Name Branded eye makeup removed clothes are, but you save money.  BJ’s brand come in a 500+ count box for less than $6.  Even if you buy Huggies, Pampers, Walmart, etc, you can still save.

Candle Jars – Candle jars; usually the larger  ones, but the smaller are equally effective can be repurposed into storage jars.  Once the wax has melted, put the jar in the freezer to remove any residual wax.  Remove the jar and use the blunt end of a fork or a butter knife to pop the wax out and removed the glued wick base.  Wash in warm, soapy water, and once dry, it’s great for cotton balls, Q-tips, or other items that require storage.

Candle Wax – Don’t you hate when you burn a scented candle and the wick burns out before all the wax does?  Well, you can salvage the wax by freezing the jar for about 10 mins (same process as above), pop the wax out, and save it for use in a potpurri burner, hot plates for wax holders, or other similar heating device. 

Baby wipe containers – They too can be used as storage containers for various household products outside of being used for refills.

Dryer sheets – Great for wiping dust of monitors, TVs, wood furniture if you don’t have a microfiber cloth handy.  They’re also great for putting under vent plates to make the house smell nice instead of buying the more expensive air freshners.

Childrens Clothing – This is a no-brainer.  Save clothes your children have grown out of and pass on gently worn clothes to friends with children younger than yours or solicit clothes from friends of older children.  You save money and know for sure the clothes are going where they’re intended.  Some donation bins are picked through by employees or are actually shredded to make clothes, which are sold as cleaning rags.  *Sidenote: Adults can do the same.

Service exchanges – If you’re good at something and a friend isn’t, offer to help them get a chore done in exchange for them helping you with something you’re not good at and they are.  You save money on calling in professionals and the work can be done on at mutually agreeable time.  I do my BFFs hair in her home for a nominal fee, which saves her scheduling appointments and having to be at the mercy of the customer and the hairstylist.

Coupon exchanges/donation – When you get the circulars and have secured the coupons you’ll use, consider offering the remaining coupons to a friend who may use them or donate them to a church or similar group where they can be used.

Liquor/Wine bottles – Some bottles are pretty enough that they can be washed and repurposed into storing vinagers and oils.  You can take garlic cloves, peel them, and put them into the bottle with oil or vinegar; not only do they look nice, but can save space if the oil was bought in a large can.

Meats – Consider buying the family packs if you have the storage space.  They’re often a little cheaper and save you time in buying at a more frequent rate.  Clean the meats and pre-season them with whichever dry spices or liquid you prefer, freeze them and they’re ready for you when you need them. 

Soups/Sauces – When making soups/sauces, consider making a little extra and freezing it, so you have them when you’re in a hurry to cook a meal.

Portion control – Some restaurants serve huge portions, so consider sharing the entree to cut your portion and save on the bill.

Groupon/Living Social – Being a foodie, I enjoy trying new places or dining out in general.  Using Groupon and/or Living Social has allowed me try try new places or save money on food.  They offer discounts on restuarants where you can eat for 50% or more on the bill.  Example: pay $15 for $30 worth of food.  Each company offers many other services also from Spas to vacations.  Give them and other similar sites a try.

These are some of the things I do; I hope they can help you too.

That is all!

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  1. My pleasure. If you don’t have BJ’s, you can check Sam’s or Costo and get their brand of wipes. Another tip I forgot was, if you’re considering buying bulk, but aren’t really sure if you’ll use it all; find a friend who may be able to split the cost and take the other half of the item. I do with with my boyfriend.

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