And the sunset on paradise…uhm?

As one who writes, I enjoy creating stories what take the reader out of their current lives and propel them into the unknown charters, which are solely at my discretion and control.  I feel like a puppeteer pulling strings and devising the scenarios that are mostly unpredictable; or if in fact they do have that so-called happy ending, it’s not without issue and is accomplished by something less than predictable fantasy.

I tend not to read romance stories as it’s a genre I find less than interesting.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a good love story like most people do, but those that drip honey from mythical cups borne of Gods and Goddesses.  The whole love at first sight, immediately stir my loins, and “take me now” gushing like a Southern Belle sets my stomach in a voracious desire to hurl vomit all over the book and promptly dispose of it thereof.  I do believe in love at first sight and I do believe that Love’s Divine can take one off course, but damn it, I’m just not buying the I just got dumped, ended relationship or recently divorced-need-a-fling-to-get-over-him/her-and-fall-in-love romance.  Can it happen?  I’m sure it can and does, but the reality rests squarely unbalanced to the reality of it all.  

I recently read a couple stories from a book I received for my past birthday, which are all ooey-gooey romance stories of women who went off to the Caribbean and met Mr. Right, fell in love, and presumably lived happily ever after.  My stomach wretched at the predictability of them all and how things always seems to just fall into place as if the cosmos aligned during a spin of the earths axis done solely for him or her.  “C’mon son” *said in my brothers voice* :-?.  Like I said, I believe, but from personal experience it doesn’t always go as smoothly as Mr. or Ms. Author would have you believe.  No, I’m not cynical or jaded; instead a realistic who knows the whirlwind romance doesn’t always live to tell the true tale.  Are we to really believe that in one or two weeks, we’re going to meet our Mr. or Mrs. Right, fall in love, have the best sex eeevah *in my Becky voice* ;-), go through a few cursory ups and downs only to come out at the finish line gold medalists?  I doubt that highly.  Just because paradise has provided the backdrop for what we’ve been led to believe is the love of our lives, doesn’t make it so.  Paradise lets you envision that life back home will be hibiscus flowers, tropical drinks, and beautiful sunsets; however, it doesn’t allow for life’s seasonal changes of really getting to know each other, living together, and altering for former life for your now current one.  Paradise provides the illusion that everything is going to fall in sync and that passion you shared thousands of miles away will continue.  Real life comes with real time; not “I can leave my watch in the room time”, which equals reality and that’s one hell of a check to cash.  

As I stated, I’ve done the love at first sight thing and I fought that beast like I was David to Goliath and while there were many factors for it to last; going to loves bank to cash that reality check and coming up way short was more than I expected or bargained for.  I had to face the fact that there was a life we each had outside of our “paradise”.  There were other things and other people that would be ruling or deciding factors on whether we had tropical rain or thunderstorms.  For all the pros, there were almost as many cons and the smell of hibiscus suddenly became the scent of dying flowers.  I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “yea, she’s just burned or bitter”; I assure you that’s not the case.  I look back and say, it was what it was for when it was and for how long it was and know that it was a part of my life’s experience and I’m good and okay with that.  We will always be sold Paradise and all its trappings and why not?  It makes us feel good to think and feel something that is so far out of the box.  I just say, sometimes the wrapping on the box is better than what’s inside.

That is all!

4 thoughts on “And the sunset on paradise…uhm?

  1. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in lust at first sight…..been there, done that. I think it’s easy to confuse the two; and it’s probably even fun trying to figure out which one it actually is.

  2. The concept of “love at first sight” is romance novels at it’s best. There is no such thing. Like Reggie, i know of “lust at first sight” , but love has to develop and sometimes it can develop without sight.

  3. I certainly do not disagree that “love at first sight” is best reserved for romance novels and I don’t doubt lust reigns supreme when often confused with love at first sight. In speaking solely from my own exerience when I saw someone many years ago; is was certainly more than lust. In fact, there was nothing sexual in my response to him. Too long a story for a comment, so we can all agree and disagree if necessary on this. 🙂

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