Making peace; being at peace

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. — Ephesians 4:31

When we’ve been through a lot in life or people have just done we’ve badly, there is a tendency to become hostile, angry, or bitter whether we realize it or not.  Sometimes it comes out passive aggressively in comments we make.  Sometimes it’s in how we now react to things or people.  Sometimes it’s not subtle at all and we’re just down right open with it.  However we handle the situation or person, the person who’s still hurt or hurting the most is us.  We’ve swallowed that jagged pill and tasted the bitterness as we washed it down with a glass of anguish; thinking we’re still justified in our feelings.  While we very much might be, we have to realize it is really worth it?  What good is comes of harbouring those feelings?  There are a myriad of physical ailments that are or can be borne from the ingestion and not expulsion of the negative feelings.  Again, is it worth it; especially when the other party seems to be doing just fine in spite of how we’re feeling. 

 I’m guilty of harbouring some residual feelings toward certain people and it’s time to let go of it ALL and make peace with myself.  I can’t or won’t change them; nor should I want to try.  If they’re content in who they are or how they’re acting, it’s better for me to accept the things I can not change and change the things that are in my control…ME.  Whether I have to cut them off completely, realize that they may have simply been a season for me, or if I have to keep them in a certain category; resolving their place in my life is what I have to do.  I have to keep my life channels open in order for me to receive my blessings.  If I want peace, I have to become peaceful within myself.  I have to quiet the noise, still my thoughts, and find the tranquility that soothes me through the chaos.  There is enough of it externally, so why create it internally?  

 Years ago, I learned how to do this my first recognizing what the external chaos was, find out why and how it was impacting me and my life, and then forgive myself for habouring it and then forgive the other person.  My forgiving them doesn’t absolve what they did; it instead absolves me from being the gatekeeper for continued malaise.  I recognize and realize that I need to go back to that place of inner peace and contentment in order to outwardly feel at peace.  I have to focus on what The Word has given me, ingest it as good nourishment, and feel satiated by the fullness of what has been provided.  Life isn’t going to be easy as long as there are difficult people in it; however, I can, must, and will adopt the right attitude to deal with them.  I know my own limitations, my shortcomings, and how I can chose to handle myself in any situation, so that is how I must live; in full acknowledgment of myself.  Unlearning learned behaviour isn’t easy, but it can be done especially if I’ve done it before. 


There are too many daily reminders of discourse, chaos, and how short/precious life is not to live happily; live well; and live peacefully.  A kind word or a gentle tongue yields more favourable results than bitterness in word or deed, so I shall abide by these words: “peace be with you; peace be unto you”. 

 That is all!

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  1. Amen to that! I’m happy to hear that you, too, will seek the peace that is yours to have. The more we speak it into our lives, the more powerful we make our claim. Enjoy your peaceful 2012!

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